Monday, March 31, 2008

Always Meet All Characters in Harvest Moon!

There is a general requirement in Cute that you must introduce yourself to a character before you will be able to experience any events with him/her. Skye is one of the few exceptions as his First Heart Event introduces him. Even so, if you have not introduced yourself to Lumina, Skye's First Heart Event will not trigger.

In my own games, I always meet every character within the first or second day of the game, so I never had any problem triggering Skye's First Heart Event. It was only when a player wrote to me to say that the event would not occur for her that I realised a prior meeting with Lumina could be a requirement.

In fact, this was the case. When I suggested it and she tried it, the event occurred without any problems.

This information will be added to my guides for Cute, but for players who have had the same problem, I thought a post might be in order.

It does not really amaze me that most of the emails I am receiving about Cute ask about Skye. The Harvest Moon fan base is mad about Skye, but then, so am I.


ddacua said...

thank you for clearing this up:D I thought I had a glitch in my game when i couldnt witness Skye's eventD: I'd seen around the internet people saying you had to meet Lumina first but I wasnt sure^x^

Freyashawk said...

You are most welcome. Always meet EVERY ONE in any Harvest Moon game. The requirements for experiencing any events can be more complicated than players sometimes realise. Location, day, time of day, season and weather are factors, but often you must have experienced another event previously or have a specific level of friendship with all or some of the characters as well.
As Skye's Heart Events involve more of the villagers than the Heart Events of most of the other bachelors.

kojojojo said...

my sister always play this game
it was a nice game