Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Winter Thanksgiving in HM Boy & Girl

The Thanksgiving Festivals in most Harvest Moon games are based on gender. There are two Thanksgiving Festivals each year. At the Spring Thanksgiving, boys give gifts to girls. At the Winter Thanksgiving, it is the girls who give gifts to boys.

In Harvest Moon Boy & Girl, as a boy at the Winter Thanksgiving, I would receive either chocolate or chocolate cake from every girl at blue heart level or higher. Chocolate is given only at Blue heart level. For Green heart level or higher, you will obtain Chocolate Cake.

The difficulty here is the fact that the Supermarket does not sell chocolate in this game. If you wish to complete your Cookbook, you need at least two pieces of chocolate. A married man no longer receives Thanksgiving gifts from any one but his wife and if you do not keep your wife at the highest red heart level, she will not become pregnant. Once you have a child, I expect you could decrease her level to the point where she would slip chocolate into your rucksack on the Winter Thanksgiving instead of Cake but that is long in the future in my game... In order to obtain chocolate NOW, I needed to bring at least two girls back down to Blue Heart level before they visited me on 14 Winter.

Thanksgiving visits adhere to a strict schedule in every game and knowing when a girl or bachelor is scheduled to visit is critical. If you are not on the farm at the right time, you will miss the visit and the gift.

The schedule of the visits of all the eligible girls in Harvest Moon Boy & Girl is as follows:

6.00 a.m. Popuri
8.00 a.m. Ann
10.00 a.m. Elli
1.00 p.m. Karen
3.00 p.m. Mary

If, therefore, you wish to receive gifts from ALL the girls and have them all at a high enough heart level to be able to expect to do so, you basically have to hover round your farm most of the day. This is the case in most Harvest Moon games. In fact, in HM DS and HM Cute DS, you actually have to exit your farmhouse each time at the right hour to experience the event. In Boy & Girl, you merely have to be standing in your field when the individual arrives.

Of all the girls, it is Mary's visit that is the most amusing. She either does not realise that it is the Winter Thanksgiving or pretends not to realise... she tells you that the Supermarket had a sale on chocolate and chocolate cake so she decided to buy some and to share it with you. She then remarks that it all must have been sold by now, to prevent you from having any remote hope that these items now will be available from the Supermarket... As she speaks, she suddenly realises that it is the Winter Thanksgiving or pretends to realise it. I suspect that she is pretending. Mary can be rather shy, so she may be too embarrassed to present her gift in a straightforward manner. After all, it is the equivalent of a Valentine.

Elli's presentation is rather amusing as well. I like Elli but when as her parting remark, she advised me to brush my teeth afterwards to prevent cavities, I realised once again how well she and the Doctor are suited to one another, far better a match than I ever could be for her.

Karen's parting remark to the effect that she will be expecting a return gift on the occasion of the Spring Thanksgiving is very characteristic of her forthright nature.
For all her undeniable femininity, she is a very dominant woman and this distinguishes her from some one like Muffy, equally feminine and flirtatious but rather incapable of getting what she wants in life.

As you can see, each girl has her own distinct personality and her own way of presenting a gift to a boy she likes. It is one of the reasons I like to experience all possible events in any Harvest Moon games.

Players often ask me which girl or bachelor is the 'best'. Interacting with some one always is the best way to find out what sort of person he/she is. You do this in Harvest Moon by experiencing events and by talking to the individual as often as possible. To me, the voyage of discovery is part of the fun of playing Harvest Moon. I would not want any one to tell me which girl or bachelor I should marry any more than in real life!


Mountain Gnome said...

Hi Freyashawk

I managed to get 2 pieces of chocolate, one in the first year and 1 in the second year , but that was only because I only courted Karen, the other girls were at a lower heart level the whole game. But your method has to be followed if you intend raising the heart level of all girls as quickly as possible.

Keep well

Freyashawk said...

After experiencing different scenarios, one of which involved ALL five girls giving me chocolate cake, I decided to go with the cruel strategy of lowering the heart levels of Popuri and Karen to blue... and at the end of the Winter Thanksgiving in my first year, I had 2 pieces of chocolate and 3 pieces of cake. I would like to complete my Cookbook as early as possible... in the spirit of completing everything as quickly as I can and this is the way to do it.