Saturday, March 8, 2008

New General Guide for PSP Harvest Moon Boy and Girl

If you look at the right side of this page, you will see that I have written some preliminary guides for Harvest Moon Boy & Girl. It is not really the way I would have liked to have covered these games, as I feel that I am forced to do everything in some haste... Nonetheless, I hope they will be helpful to players. I will continue to add to them as well as updating every guide.

In terms of HM Cute DS, I now have completed a Recipe Cookbook Guide (as well as my own Recipe list in the game itself), have completed the Calendar guides for the first and second year, and have written most of my General Guide and Courtship and Marriage Guide for that game. IGN will not publish these until the game officially is released on 25 March.

Natsume will send me 'Island of Happiness' later this month. That is very exciting, but there is a part of me that perceives it as a sort of consolation prize for losing my 'Cute' game! Nevertheless, I knew I would lose it ultimately when I first began my journey with Skye... Life is transient in any world, I suppose. The wonderful thing about Harvest Moon is that one always can begin a new life... Like other Harvest Mooon fans, I plan to do that on my own cartridge of HM Cute DS after 25 March.


mapleleaf said...

My dog stucked inside the bed!!
I play Harvest Mooon:Boy and Girl Back to Nature for PSP, and a walkthrough site(I forgot the name) told me to put my dog inside the bed n sleep with him.
How can I get him out of the bed?
I need answer pleaseee....

Freyashawk said...

Did you save your game afterwards? If not, just reload your game to an earlier point. Sometimes in Harvest Moon games, an animal will become 'stuck' in a wall or piece of furniture. There isn't any 'fix' for that really. You can keep playing, hoping that the animal will be moved to another location by the game at some point or you can reload your game at an earlier point. In my guide for this game, I recommend that players keep two or three save slots at different points. With the PSP, you should be able to keep almost a dozen save files for a single game. I always keep one saved on the previous day and another 2 days earlier, just in case something goes very wrong with the game!