Monday, March 24, 2008

Grey's 4th Heart Event rather disappointing in Cute

Those of us who probably would choose Grey as a husband if Skye did not exist may be disappointed by his fourth and final Heart Event in Cute. Grey's events tend to focus on tools and his exacting grandfather Saibara, but after experiencing Kai's heart-stopping Yellow Heart Event in Cute, I had hoped for something equally inspiring in Grey's final Heart Event.

Alas... I still am very fond of Grey and will choose him as the father of my child sooner or later (but Skye comes FIRST), but I would have wished for something more from Grey to dream about until then... He does blush rather charmingly and he does admit that you have given him strength to face the trials ahead, but... Well, I would have liked another gift made with his own hands, as in MFoMT and Boy & Girl.

I was thinking about the nature of commitment in Harvest Moon in my own games. When writing a guide, experiencing all Heart Events and even my proposals and marriage are not much of a commitment. It is only when I decide to live my life with some one and create a family that a true commitment is made. After all, one must be married for a fair amount of time in order to have a child with some one. I am not about to do that without saving the game, month after month...

I am looking forward to my first truly committed Harvest Moon Cute DS game with Skye. The cartridge on which I played for the guide had to be returned and the data wiped... Now on my own cartridge, I will be able to live a REAL life. (But not until I play Island of Happiness on a temporary cartridge that ultimately must be returned as well... There is great excitement in being able to play a game before it is released, but one makes sacrifices as well.)

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