Saturday, March 15, 2008

Marriage to Mary in HM Boy & Girl

I promised some photographs of Mary's wedding to a fan of Harvest Moon. Here are photographs of my (temporary) wedding to Mary. Her behaviour after marriage has been included now in my Courtship and Marriage Guide. I'm rather sorry I didn't stay married long enough to record Ann's dialogue at night... Another time perhaps.

I have been married to all these girls before in FoMT. I was a little cross with Mary in FoMT as in the afternoon, she would talk about how much I ate, as though endless supplies of food was my sole interest in life. In HM Boy & Girl in the afternoon, her first remark is similarly about food but then she softens it a little by saying that a person who works as hard as I do needs food.

She does remark sweetly that no one understands her the way I do... I almost could have stayed married to her for that.

Incidentally, pregnancy in Boy & Girl is far less dramatic than in FoMT/MFoMT. Mary's conversation simply changed one day and a few days later, she told me she had visited the clinic and that I should expect a blessed event... Perhaps I missed something as I was rushing through the game at that point simply to experience rival heart events but probably not.

As I do not like to play Harvest Moon that way, I refused to experience the birth of a child until I had played properly... so in the middle of summer, I simply reloaded back to my single state.

Weddings occur about a week after a successful marriage proposal. You will awaken in Church and Carter will preside. As you can see, May and Stu often act as page and flower girl. Thomas lends the weight of his official presence to the ceremony.

At home, your wife will move back and forth through the main chamber of the farmhouse during the day but will be in the bedroom after 6.00 p.m. Her conversation will change after noon and at night. At night, Mary confessed that she was a night owl and that she often fell asleep in the Library after a late night. She expressed a wish that we both could stay up late together, but then said she realised farmers could not live that way...


HarvestMoonGoddess said...

Hi Freyashawk!Thank you for keeping your promise!That means alot to me.I have emailed you a couple of emails with four or five rival scenes of Magical Melody.Also, I posted on my site my marriage to Jamie in Magical Melody as well!Good luck in your Harvest Moon Life!

Freyashawk said...

Ah Natalie, I actually posted a comment on your site. You are doing a terrific job there.