Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A life gone with Cute...

Well, my old Cute games no longer exist and the cartridge is wending its way across the land. I feverishly worked to experience as many events as possible before I lost all the rewards of my efforts and in fact, experienced all but one of the Mineral Town bachelor events before I overwrote the data with a new game. I did that simply because I could not resist the temptation to keep playing the game and the cartridge HAD to be returned.

In any event, I now have experienced all but Cliff's 4th Heart Event. All others have been added to my Courtship and Marriage Guide for Cute. It was more difficult for me to raise Cliff's heart level as quickly as the other bachelors, simply because Finest Curry is his Most Favourite Item. At first, when I had time to spare, all the Finest Curry I made went to my beloved Skye. In the last desperate days, I no longer had time even to make the stuff. I sold all but a handful of my animals and raced through the days. I was only a week away from Cliff's 4th Heart Event but the cartridge HAD to go.

I do have my own Cute cartridge now, though, and that one is mine and mine alone. Despite my exhaustion, I 'christened' it by beginning a new game. Having enjoyed the palatial doubly expanded house for a couple of years in my old Cute game, it is rather sobering to be returned to the tiny hut that one calls 'home' at the start of the game.

Compared to Harvest Moon Boy & Girl, though, life at the beginning of HM DS and Cute DS is a breeze. After all, when one can dig up infinite amounts of jewelry that ships for 2000G and can be sold to Van for 3250G, what financial worries can there be?

I rather miss the old Ranch Bonus Trick and the Billion Gold Fishing Bonus but they almost made the game TOO easy. I will not complain. I am about to meet Skye again for the first time. These events never grow old when they involve a character one likes or loves immensely.

Incidentally, I am going to devote a post to Trent's 4th Heart Event in Cute. It is surprisingly romantic!

Rick's 4th Heart Event is rather sweet as well, although he makes dreadful faces... I always thought Trent was very cute, even if his conversation was too fixated upon health issues. In the final heart event, he becomes VERY human though.

I still feel rather cheated by Grey's 4th Heart Event in Cute. They really could have made it a little more romantic I think. I really should not complain. It is the same writers no doubt who gave us the inestimable Skye...

N.B. You now will find three Guides for Cute on the right side of this page under the heading for Harvest Moon Cute DS. I will continue to update and in fact, intend to add more guides to the list as time permits.

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