Friday, March 21, 2008

Kai's 4th Heart Event

As I must send the Cute cartridge back now, I am trying to finish off all the events in Cute as quickly as possible in my test game... It requires that I play a game that is contrary to my careful habits. I sold off most of my animals in order to be able to move quickly through the seasons... In a few days, happily, I will have a permanent cartridge on which to lavish all my time and attention (after Island of Happiness, that is...)

It is an odd experience to be courting Kai both in Harvest Moon Boy & Girl and in HM Cute DS simultaneously. I have to say that his Fourth and Final Heart Event in HM Cute DS is extremely sweet...

The event begins at the Inn where he and Ruby are discussing the legends of the Harvest Goddess. I must force myself to remember that most of the villagers both in Mineral Town and Forget-Me-Not Valley do not KNOW the Harvest Goddess, have never seen her and do not even know whether she truly exists or not. Many do not SEE the Harvest Sprites... It is not a 'magical' world. It is a world like ours, in which only a few chosen are given the opportunity to interact with magical creatures.

Kai suggests suddenly that you and he should walk to the Goddess Spring to investigate. While there, he suggests that you make a wish. Here you have a choice:
love or money basically. You can wish that Kai will like you more or that your farm will be prosperous.

If you choose the former, Kai will confess that he made the same wish. You both will display a big red heart...


KalypsoCry said...

Now that there are only a few days before the release of HMDS Cute... I'm getting really excited, and am planning to buy it, whether I have common tests or not. I'll just have to resist the temptation to play with it until mid-April... T-T

Well, Kai is sweet, but not my type - my heart belongs to Skye! But still, he dos have his charming points. *giggles*

Just a question: who are you planning to marry on Island of Happiness? I want to get married to Valts or Mark - they both look really sweet. Just can't wait at all now.

Freyashawk said...

To be honest, this is NOT the way I dreamed I would play Harvest Moon games. There is a part of me that is desperate to start 'Island of Happiness' to make progress on the guides for THAT game, but there is another part of me that wishes I could start my own game in 'Cute' and simply enjoy it...

I have another dilemma now in that I have an offer to work on the printed guide for Island of Happiness... the deadlines are VERY harsh though. As far as I can see, this is a HUGE game with a multitude of variables and unlockable characters. What sort of guide can be written for a game like that in less than a fortnight (two weeks)??? I always criticised that kind of guide as superficial and unsatisfying. Can I make a difference if I add my work to theirs or will I be forced to create a less than satisfying
guide for the sake of a deadline?
I must think about this very seriously...

Mountain Gnome said...

Hi Freyashawk

Island Of Happiness looks supremely cool. I think you should certainly go for it! Your love and devotion to HM would shine out wherever you are involved. Of course it would be a very busy fortnight! There are only 24 hours in each day, but with your guide writing experience and love of HM I think it'll work out beautifully!

All the Best

HarvestMoonGoddess said...

Hello, Freyashawk it's me Natalie.
I am very impressed with Kai in this scene, as he always has his eyes set on many girls from the valley.But this time he has forgotten that habit and decides to go for the one he really likes, you!Awwwww!

If only Rock would do that.Well, he does actually but starts out with truly horrific manners!

Anyway, i cannot believe you are getting IOH.I have seen videos at Youtube of the Japanese version but I MUST know Japanese.Where can I find a Japanese translation book?!

I think IOH only offers two files.
I wish Natsume would offer at least 4 or 5 in the DS games so players could enjoy the game more.
I am still working on my MM guide!

I want to marry Lily,WP,Natalie and Chelsea as Mark.I want to marry Danny and Mark as Chelsea.SO HARD TO CHOOSE!!!!!!!
I definetely am marrying Lily, maybe I might not marry WP and the other girls.The WP is best as she has no special requirements.So I am guessing when you get your own cartridge you'd marry the Witch Princess, Freyashawk!She looks SO beautiful when she blushes.The wedding ceremony is hosted by TEDDY BEARS!Wow.....

But....IOH until June 11!Waaaah!D:

All Best Wishes from your Floridian friend,

Mountain Gnome said...


*wishes he had a DS*

I do so hope that Natsume bring out a new Harvest Moon for the PSP


Freyashawk said...

Shaggy, you really MUST invest in a DS. My favourite games were made for the DS platform. Even with respect to Harvest Moon: Rune Factory, Harvest Moon DS and Harvest Moon Cute DS were made for the DS and both Friends of Mineral Town and More Friends of Mineral Town, although GBA games, can be played on the DS system.

To answer an earlier question of yours, I have the old heavy PSP. Is that the source of my problem?

Mountain Gnome said...

Hi Freyashawk

I do know that the new PSP, the slim lite one, seems to have more processing power, I think a larger memory in which to store game data. It could perhaps be the reason, but I am by no means technical enough to say yes for definate.

I still wish I had my old PSP to work on, but it's drive cannot read the UMD discs anymore, making it only useful for the non-gaming functions. I really love the feel of it, the solid-ness of it. The new PSP feel more plasticy and liable to break. Unless you really need to, I would advise sticking to your old PSP as long as possible.

I have answered your email, sorry it took awhile.

Keep well