Saturday, March 8, 2008

Recipes vary from Game to Game: Take Care!

I have written Cookbook Recipe Guides for almost every Harvest Moon game I have played. Many basic recipes are the same essentially from game to game but there are those that differ and when they do, mistakes can be costly.

There are differences in the Utensils that are available from game to game. Although recipes tend to be easier in Harvest Moon DS and Cute DS, I for one miss the Seasoning Set from Mineral Town games. Seasonings often are optional but once in awhile, can be critical to the success of a cooking venture.

For example, Ketchup in HM DS and HM Cute DS is made in a Mixer with a Tomato and an Onion. In Boy & Girl, you MUST use seasonings or it will be a Food Fiasco. The actual utensil used to make Mayonnaise in Boy & Girl is different from that used in HM DS and Cute DS. A Whisk is used in Boy & Girl, where a Mixer is used in HM DS and Cute DS. Recipes in FoMT and MFoMT are virtually identical to those in Boy & Girl, though, so if you have been playing either of those recently, and go on to play Boy & Girl, you will not be in any danger of becoming confused.

As a matter of fact, the special Recipes that are given to you by various villagers are given in the same words in many instances. I am waiting now to see if Anna holds a Baking Class in Boy & Girl on Saturday mornings. So far, although Manna delivered her set speech about Anna's expertise in baking, there have been no actual classes. It is early days, though...

Incidentally, if you are not fastidious by nature, you can eat your Food Fiasco for a little boost in energy. A gift of a Food Fiasco is useful if you wish to lower heart levels as well.

As in many Harvest Moon games, the actual gift that you receive at the Thanksgiving Festival will depend on heart level. If you wish to obtain all possible gifts, you need to have the eligible girls at different heart levels. As a boy, at the lowest level, you will obtain chocolate, ironically more rare an item in HM Boy & Girl than Chocolate Cake.


KalypsoCry said...

When I first got my hands on HMDS, I was quite surprised that they didn't have the seasoning kit at all, so I couldn't really make my own mayo the way I used to in MFoMT and FoMT.

I am presuming Food Fiasco means burnt food? Well, in the early days of HM I was playing, I kept putting my own recipes together and none of them worked at all.

I think I should definitely try and get a PSP now, as the only one I have is the one belonging to my brother, and I do not wish to deprive him of his PSP gaming time for the sake of my HM pursuits...

(P.S. I sent you an email using your AOL account with a little comic. Hope you like it.)

Freyashawk said...

Two Harvest Moon games have been made for the PSP platform now: An Innocent Life and Harvest Mooon Boy & Girl. of the two, it is HM Boy & Girl that most resembles a traditional Harvest Moon game as your character in Innocent Life is a robot boy and never can experience the delights of marriage, despite some courtship teases along the way... (I kept hoping he COULD become human, but alas...)

Both games are worth having. 'Innocent Life' has some of the most beautiful graphics and is quite magical in many ways. One can grow a wide variety of incredibly gorgeous flowers...
Still, it is HM Boy & Girl that has all the characters we love so much and represents part of the integral history of Mineral Town. I just have gone through my first Winter Thanksgiving and have been obliged to LOWER poor Popuri's heart level as well as Karen's in order to receive chocolate instead of chocolate cake... You can't buy chocolate at the Supermarket in this game, so if you do not receive it as a Thanksgiving gift, you are out of luck. Every girl was at a high level and gave me chocolate cake initially. I had to give two girls rubbish to obtain enough chocolate to complete the Cookbook!

Please resend the email. I think AOL may have deleted it as spam!