Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Poor Popuri: Playing with Heart Levels in Harvest Moon


In Harvest Moon Boy & Girl as well as Harvest Moon DS and Harvest Moon Cute DS, the gift that you receive at the Thanksgiving Festival depends on the precise heart level that the giver has for you. If the heart level is too low, you will not receive a gift at all. At blue heart level, you will receive a piece of chocolate. At green heart or higher, you will receive a piece of chocolate cake.

In Harvest Moon DS and Cute DS, you need not bother to try to obtain the lower level of gift, as chocolate is sold at the Supermarket. It is more fun to have every one at deepest red heart level by the time of the Thanksgiving Festival. As a girl, you will have to wait until the Spring of the 2nd year to receive these visits but as a boy, your first opportunity is the Winter Thanksgiving in the first year.

In Harvest Moon Boy & Girl, heart levels climbed steadily upwards even though I was not being particularly diligent in Winter, as I still needed to experience the Green Rival Heart Event for all of the girls and this cannot be triggered in the first year, as far as my own evidence shows. I did believe I could trigger the 4th and final heart event for the girls but so far, even though I have two of them at Yellow Heart level and almost at orange, I have not been able to trigger the final heart event in the first year. I am beginning to wonder if these events must be triggered in the second year or if they are season-specific and cannot be triggered in Winter in the case of Elli, Mary and Ann.

At any rate, I had Elli, Mary and Ann at yellow heart and Karen and Popuri at green heart as the Winter Thanksgiving day arrived. I then received Chocolate Cake from all five girls. This was not good, because I needed chocolate to complete my cookbook.

I therefore was obliged to replay the events after visiting both Karen and Popuri with a rucksack filled with rubbish I had caught with my Fishing Pole and giving it to them... When their heart levels were reduced to Blue, I stopped the torture and waited for the gifts...

At Blue Heart, thankfully, I received chocolate instead of chocolate cake. Now I can raise the heart levels of those poor girls again...

One really NEEDS at least two pieces of chocolate in order to complete all Recipes in the Cookbook. That is why I had to obtain the chocolate at any cost. If I allow these girls to marry my rivals, I no longer will receive Thanksgiving Day gifts from them. If I marry, I no longer will receive gifts from any one apart from my spouse. I therefore decided that my first year was the best option for this exercise.

I now have two pieces of chocolate in my Refrigerator and can make my own Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Cookies, thus adding those recipes to my Cookbook. Poor Popuri and Karen must be wondering about my erratic behaviour, blowing alternately hot and cold towards them!

The photographs show Karen at two different heart levels on the occasion of the Winter Thanksgiving in the first year. On the first occasion, I did nothing to change her level and at green heart level, she brought me a piece of Chocolate Cake, the same gift I received from the other girls this year.

On the second occasion, I rushed to the Supermarket and plied her with rubbish until her heart level decreased to blue. When she arrived at the farm later, she gave me a piece of chocolate instead of the chocolate cake I would have received had I kept her level at green.

Perhaps the title of this should be 'Poor Karen and Popuri', as the photographs I have included here show Karen at two different heart levels, but where Popuri is concerned, this is the SECOND time I have lowered her heart level only to raise it again later...

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