Tuesday, March 25, 2008

AP Tips for players of Cute

As Cute hits the shelves tonight, I realise that many players will be most interested in the romantic aspects of the game. This information is included both in my Courtship and Marriage Guide and my General Guide for Cute, but it may be worth posting separately here.

As stated elsewhere more than once, a daily routine of giving a Favourite or Most Favourite item as a gift to all bachelors is the best general strategy for increasing Affection Points, thereby raising heart levels.

There are some special actions and occasions whereby AP can be raised higher than it could be at any other time:

1. Change your outfit daily to increase the AP of every bachelor in the Valley (including any visiting Mineral Town bachelor) by 200 points.

2. On the occasion of the Fireworks Festival, speak to every bachelor at the beach to increase the AP of ALL bachelors who are there by 2000 points.

3. On the occasion of the Winter Thanksgiving, FIRST give a regular Favourite or Most Favourite Item to each bachelor and THEN give him either Chocolate or Chocolate Cake. A traditional recognised Thanks-Fest gift of Chocolate or Chocolate Cake will increase AP by 1000 points.

If you give a regular 'Most Favourite Item' as a gift first, the regular gift will increase AP by 800 points. A 'Favourite' will increase it by 500 points. If you THEN give Chocolate or Chocolate Cake, AP will increase by an additional 1000 points, making the total increase for the day 1800 AP or 1500 AP, depending on the item given. If, however, you give the Winter Thanks-Fest gift FIRST, AP will increase only by 1000 points and any items given afterwards will not affect AP at all.

4. On the occasion of an individual's birthday, given him a Most Favourite or Favourite item as a gift. The value of any item given on an individual's birthday is multiplied by x5. Bear in mind the fact that it is only the first item that will affect AP. Secondary gifts will affect only FP. If, however, you give a 'Most Favourite Item' to a bachelor on his birthday, its value will be 4000 AP as opposed to the usual 800 AP. This is quite a significant increase! Only bachelors and Magical Girls have Affection Points or AP, but an item given to ANY ONE on his/her birthday will have a value of x5 its ordinary value in terms of FP or Friendship Points.

5. When you have made a certain number of offerings to the Harvest Goddess at the Goddess Spring, she will offer to raise the AP of the bachelor of your choice. There will be two lists from which to choose, one for the Valley bachelors and the other for the Mineral Town bachelors. Rather inexplicably, Skye is not included in the list of Valley bachelors. The Harvest Goddess will raise the AP of the bachelor you choose only once. Further offerings only result in the High/Low guessing game and a gift of a random number of seeds of a randomly chosen level.


HarvestMoonGoddess said...

Hi Freyashawk.

Are you sure that changing your clothing raises the bachelors' affection by 2000 points?When I change clothes, nobody's affection raises by 2000 points.Why does this happen?Supposeddly if I change clothes 5 times all bachelors should have a next heart level than they are at.

All best wishes,

Freyashawk said...

Dear Natalie,

I have a problem with zeroes. It is 200 AP not 2000 AP. A BIG difference I know. Zeroes are the Achilles heel in my guides. I faithfully keep records of AP and FP each day in my game journal and then add an extra zero by accident!
The AP boost was a daily verifiable increase in my games. I do believe you must experience the first heart event though before it will begin... you have to KNOW the guy. But I do apologise for the error, which I corrected in the last update to the guide last week.

Do me a favour and verify that AP is raised by 200 daily with the change of outfit in your game. It's only one boost of 200 for the Mineral Town guys per week but for the Valley bachelors, 200 each day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Freyashawk,

I was just wondering how many Affection Points is needed to change heart levels?
I am after Kai. It is his birthday, the 22nd, and I have given him a pine apple. His total AP is at 4000. How much more do I need to go to get him to a blue heart.
Also, When he comes back next summer, will all those AP points disappear?


Amanda said...

is there a time specifically when we should change clothes? I tried changing right when I wake up everyday at 6 am and it doesn't add the 200 AP points extra.

Freyashawk said...

I need to make this clear in my guide. It appears that the AP is gained the NEXT day. Where a Mineral Town bachelor is concerned, the AP gain will be only 200 per week and you must change your clothes on the day previous to the visit to obtain the increase for that visit.

I found this to be the case when I forgot to change my outfit on the day when I met the Mineral Town bachelor, but still obtained the increase if I changed my outfit on the PREVIOUS day...

Anonymous said...

Okay, I need Help.
Im goign after Skye. I got the ring that allows you to see the AP and LP points. I will give him somehting one day, and it will go up by 300 and friendship by 3. But the next day when I talk to him, Its back to zero and i have to give him the same things, but they always go back doen to Zero. I change my clothes and give him what he likes. I dont understand whats going on, help is needed. Im also On the first year, Summer.

Freyashawk said...

You evidently are littering. I wrote an entire post about the effects of littering on this site. Please read it... AP can go down to zero if you litter and throwing or dropping ANY item on the ground, even by accident, constitutes littering in HM DS and Cute DS. It is the strictest HM game where the definition of littering is concerned.

Mia said...

hi.. :) need help in HM IOH... i am mining a day before the fireworks festival. each time my stamina is drained i get to meet gannon the next day about the fireworks festival.. because i am not yet done mining,. i load back my previous saved game and continue mining... then later on, when im drained again, i noticed the fireworks festival disappeared. gannon never entered my house again.. what could have happened?... can somebody explain... i appreciate ur help.. thanks a lot :)

Freyashawk said...

If you are passing out, you may miss a Festival. It is not only the Fireworks Festival. This can occur with other special visits of individuals who announce Festivals if you pass out instead of going home and sleeping properly. I suggest you get out of the mine BEFORE you pass out.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm in a little situation in HM DS Cute. I've been trying to get Skye's AP points to raise to 10,000 for about a year and a half {game time}. I just recently read about the Love Bangle in one of your guides, and decided to buy it. This is when I noticed something. Now, I'm not littering, never really have. But anyways, everytime I give Skye a gift, wether it be Curry or toiletries, it goes up the normal amount. Then the next day I'll give him a gift and notice that his AP points have gone down, at the most 1000 points, but usually 500. I'm not sure if something's wrong with my game, if I'm doing something wrong, etc. Help would be loved.

Thank you,

Freyashawk said...

Cassie, remember that, in HM DS and Cute, littering consists of ANY item thrown onto the ground or into the water, whether you throw a fish back into the sea, a weed onto your own field or drop an item by accident. It really sounds like a littering effect to me... If you are certain you never toss or drop ANYTHING on the ground or back into the water, I'll have to think further...