Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heart Events in Harvest Moon Boy and Girl

When I experienced one of the girl's 1st Heart Events in the Girl version of Harvest Moon Boy & Girl, I remembered that More Friends of Mineral Town included the 1st Heart Event of each of the eligible girls in the original Friends of Mineral Town. When, however, I then experienced Elli's Blue Heart Event in the Girl version of Boy & Girl, I began to suspect that ALL the Blue Heart Events for the eligible girls in the Boy version were included in the girl game. When I experienced Popuri's Blue Heart event and received an egg from her, my theory was vindicated somewhat...

What this would mean, of course, is that you could obtain all the benefits of these events. Elli's sandwiches may not be worth much either in a culinary or a financial sense, but Ann's request for 3 eggs is extremely profitable and is worth experiencing even if you are playing as a girl.

Obviously you must have met all requirements for each of these events. In the case of Ann's Blue Heart Event, you must have at least three adult egg-laying chickens in the boy version as well as having Ann at the right heart level. In the girl version of the game, I have not experienced the event yet. Perhaps it was not included, which would be a pity, but I am not going to give up yet...

In the boy version of the game, Ann and Popuri always repeat the same dialogue at the Goddess Spring. In the girl version of the game, their dialogue changes with their friendship level.

Another discovery I made was to confirm what I suspected when I met Kai in the Church in the middle of the first Spring: it is, in fact, his Black Heart Event. If you choose the correct action, which is to tell him that you are NOT Carter, his heart will be at Blue level as soon as he comes to Mineral Town for the Summer.

Incidentally, for the sake of those who wonder what Kai would have confessed that day, it was an argument with his father... I replayed the event simply to discover what would happen if I pretended to be Carter... in fact, I always try to give both results in my guides in any case. Kai will begin to confess an argument with his father, who does not believe Kai should be spending any time in Mineral Town. He then will become increasingly uncomfortable with the entire Confession process, declare that he cannot go through with it and leave without ever meeting you...

Honesty IS the best policy and you will have the chance to meet Kai and win his heart somewhat if you tell him that you are not Carter, even if you are tempted to hear his confession!

The significant Heart Events in the Boy version of the game are the Blue Heart Events. In the girl version of the game, it may be the Green Heart Event, which is accompanied by Heart Event music.

Rick's Green Heart Event has special requirements. You must leave a chicken outside overnight in order to trigger the event, rather like the old Indian practice of tethering a goat outside in order to bait a tiger! I did not enjoy this AT ALL, as I always am conscious of the threat that the wild dog poses. Perhaps the game allows one night of guaranteed safety for the poor chicken in pursuance of this Heart Event, but I rather doubt it.

In any case, Rick's Green Heart Event is very interesting because of the responses in both cases to his comment. In Heart Events, there usually is a 'correct' and an 'incorrect' response.

Here is the dialogue:

At 6.00 a.m. when you exit your house after leaving at least one chicken outside overnight, you will find Rick in front of your henhouse at Green Heart level.

Rick: Sorry to bother you, but keep the chickens inside at night. There are wild dogs.

I nod and turn towards my chickens.

Rick: Chickens love to stay outside in the sun. So cute...

My choices now:
They lay eggs too.
You could eat them.

If I choose: They lay eggs too.

Rick: Right. We make a living off of them. We have to be appreciative. See you around.

If I choose:

You could eat them.

Rick; Ha ha ha ha! You're too funny! I know you love chickens!
He then will turn to you:

Rick: Can I come to see your chickens again? See you.

Later in front of the Supermarket after choosing the second option:

Rick (still at green heart): How are your chickens? I know it's hard to keep animals. If you ever need advice, please let me know.


I would have thought that the first option was the obviously correct one, until I went back to experience what I thought would be the response to the 'incorrect' choice. The expression on Rick's face when I remarked that one could eat them was a very happy one. He immediately assumed I was teasing him and liked it. In fact, in MFoMT, Rick's yellow heart event I seem to recall involved a visit to the Inn where he was highly entertained by my sense of humour, telling me how funny I was and how much fun it was to be with me.

After the event, I chased him to the Supermarket where I spoke to him to see his heart level... it remained green and had not decreased as far as I could discern. (How I wish for a Love Bangle at such moments in Boy & Girl!!!) I am beginning to believe that both options may be acceptable here...

I am including photographs of Rick's heart level AFTER the event in both cases.
Is there any perceptible difference?

In one case, he simply says: See you around.
In the other case, he asks: Can I come to see your chickens again? See you.

One reason I would lean towards the second option now is his attempt to ask for another invitation to see you in that case. Perhaps I am over-dissecting the event though and the obvious choice is the best...

I would be interested in the opinions of other players.

N.B. I have noticed that the size of the heart icon in the corner changes randomly sometimes at any given level and therefore may not be an accurate gauge.


Mountain Gnome said...

Hi Freyashawk

I think that you are right in that the seemingly 'wrong' answer is probably right. I probably would have chosen the seemingly 'correct' answer, but only because I'm vegetarian.

I could not bear to part with my animals in Innocent Life, and in Boy and Girl, not one of my animals has died. They survived quite a few dog attacks while I was experimenting with the wild dog deterrent tactics, and I still have my entire flock of original chickens that I bred myself. I am real sentimental about my electronic farm! I certainly empathise with you in your reluctance to use a chicken to lure Rick to your farm. I don't think he's worth it! Kai is a much better (and sexier) partner!

Keep well

Freyashawk said...

Well, I feel I must court all the bachelors, even those I find rather unattractive... You don't like Rick because he is your rival for Karen! I was SHOCKED by the size of the Wild Dog in Boy & Girl actually... terrifying! He's a tiny little beast in other HM games, albeit fierce.

My biggest mistake in Boy & Girl so far was in trusting the Sprites to feed my animals. I forgot how hopeless they are until they have had training and I carried on blithely for a couple of days not realising that they had neglected one chicken. The fact that no prompt is given when you pick up a chicken makes it a little more difficult to notice if they are unhappy or ill if you mind is elsewhere.

The worst danger in Harvest Moon is tunnel vision. Whenever I become too involved in a detail, I make mistakes.

Mountain Gnome said...

Yes the sprites are not as good as they seem, or at least they take a while to get good. I don't really rely on them too much, they are useful for watering the crops, that way you can see where they've been and where not. Usually, I surveyed their work in the evenings, often till late in the dark... It's also far more difficult to see the wet earth then too!

My biggest problem was for instance, playing then pausing and coming back to the game hours later and forget what I was busy with! But I agree, tunnel vision is also a threat!

Keep well

HarvestMoonGoddess said...

Hi Freyashawk.

The Sprite incident always happens to my game.In DS, I hired the Animal and Husbandry sprite team to feed my 20 poultry and 10 livestock.I needed a break from my work as I had my baby and the baby needs more attention than the animals.

When I wake up, I always check the status of the animals.The Animal and Husbandry team was not at beginner level, therefore I always trusted them to feed my animals.
Furthermore, when I wake up in the morning, I expect better care for my animals than they do.All my animals start being unhappy on the second day since I hired the sprites.

I decided to test the theory and waited for about a week.When I woke up, all my animals except two were sick!I saved myself by having plenty of medicine.I decided to stop them from 'working'.
I was furious and I could not believe their unbarable manner.
Now I have to stay to the old grind with all the animals.

I rather not sell them, as I always get nervous and think about the future.I wish sometimes I would be a minuscle careless and sell some animals.I need not money and selling them makes me sad, as the ones that I'd sell are the ones that are the newest, but I wonder that I never gave them a chance.

I always take games very seriously and that is always the problem.Who knew electronic farming would bring such irony???


Mountain Gnome said...

Hi Natalie

I do so agree with you. isn't is strange how attached you get to your animals, it's not surprising, as you have to give them all names. For the fun of it I named all my cows SOMETHING-ixy, my sheep all puns on sheep words and my chickens all chickeny names! (for a full list see my blog)What names do you give your animals?

Now whilst I wait for Karen to give birth, I have to keep at work caring for a whole shed full of cows and sheep. I don't dare ask the sprites to do it! They are far better crop harvesters and waters.

You have a very cute blog too!

Keep well

Jan said...

Dear Freyashawk,

I just had this event recently, only I had four of my chickens outside the coop. It was about a day or two after he took back the chickens in the event wherein he leaves you with 5 extra chickens for a while.

I normally keep the chickens in an enclosed area made with lumber--a daunting material--and it is very inconvenient to see a broken post to replace after a rainfall or something. Stones used to be a viable alternative but there was always a nagging fear that wild dogs could slip between the gaps.

Such is the fears that boil over when you've loved your farm much. My palms would sweat when I heard the wild dog bark at night--it IS quite a hideous creature with popping red eyes. I locked my chickens in the coop for a week before letting them out to free-range.


lovethemdonuts said...

Hello Freyashawk.

I started playing HM:B&G because I played HM:BTN a few years back. I forgot that HM:B&G included the HM for Girls so I decided to play it on my psp.

I stumbled upon your heart events/ events guide and read it, just to make sure I wont miss any event in the town. Thanks for pointing out Kai's 1st black heart event, I never wouldn't have known it without your guide.

In the middle of my 1st Spring (after Kai's 1st heart/church event in Spring 4 that automatically gave him a blue heart in Summer), I stopped giving all the other guys gifts so they'd all be at almost the same heart levels by the time Kai arrived. Blue heart level that is, except for Cliff, who seems to like my character so much even if I'm not even doing anything to him (I replayed my game before because I forgot to keep the stones for a recipe and I had Cliff at a green heart level at the Tomato Festival thingy. After plastering him with tomatoes and winning, his heart became yellow.)!

Well, anyway, I also tried to trigger Kai's "supposedly" 1st event in the boy version, wherein he arrives in Spring 30 (near the winery with Popuri and May) and you meet him the first time. He then walks up to my character and says "Hey you're the girl I met at the church blah blah... swing by my seaside restaurant..." or something like that. Then I saw that his heart was already green after the event.

I know that when he arrives him Summer (after the church event) his heart is supposed to be blue because I replayed my game. So does that Spring 30 event constitute a heart event for Kai? Or is it just some event that turns his heart automatically green?

I can't remember if I read it in your guide or not. Now Kai's heart is green (just like Cliff's -.-") so I dunno about that event. But I'm not complaining haha :D

Cheers to you and to Harvest Moon ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi freyashawk, i wanna ask something.

How to connect to harvest moon: a wonderful life from harvest moon: more friends of mineral town if i play on computer not on gba
and where the altar to change jewel colour in innocent life?


Freyashawk said...

Anon, I believe you can connect only by using the GameCube and GBA and the original connection device between the two.

Links to my My Innocent Life Guides are on the right side of this page. All Altars are on your Fields. You need to leave the jewels in place until they rise before you can change them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Freyashawk,
If I am at blue heart and not high purple heart, can Popuri's 3rd heart event still occur?