Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Only Three Heart Events in Boy version of Boy & Girl

Ultimately, the only way truly to know something is by personal experience. After I experienced the Blue Heart Event of the eligible girls in Harvest Moon Boy & Girl, I raised them to yellow heart level and then waited in vain to experience another Heart Event... Gradually, their heart levels climbed higher. When Ann reached orange heart level, I decided to test a theory. I purchased the Blue Feather from the Supermarket, raised her heart level to deepest red, then proposed to her. (I had no intention of saving the result, by the way. I still need to experience the Starry Night Festival with each girl.) Ann rose faster to red heart level probably because of the extra events she has, such as her Birthday Party Event, rather than any personal preference on my part.

In any event, she responded to my proposal with the words: Really? Are you sure you want a girl like me? You won't regret it later? ...I... I'm happy... but...

What was that 'but...'? Whatever it signified, she had taken the Blue Feather and, a week later, our wedding took place at the Church. In time-honoured Harvest Moon fashion, then, Ann asked me to choose a nickname and our married life would have commenced, except that I reloaded my game back to the eve of the Starry Night Festival, single once again.

No need now to waste any more time hitting all the likely spots for a fourth Heart Event for any of the girls. I do believe, however, that there are four rival heart events and, when I decide if I wish to marry any girl and which one I intend to choose, I can lower the heart levels of the others to experience the two remaining rival heart events and marriage of the other couples in this game.

Incidentally, in HM Boy & Girl, you can raise either any eligible girl or bachelor a full heart level or more in a single day provided you have sufficient 'Most Favourite Items' to squander in this pursuit. Unlike HMDS and HM Cute DS, where only the first gift will raise AP, in Harvest Moon Boy & Girl, every item given in a single day will have an effect, although subsequent gifts have less value than the first item given. Now that I know there is no fourth heart event, I can propose to all the eligible girls, apart from Karen, successfully before the end of the first year if I wish. The only reason one cannot marry Karen in the first year is because her Third Heart Event cannot be experienced before Spring of the 2nd year. (Perhaps I should see if I can marry her without ever experiencing that event...) It therefore very much IS possible to marry a girl in HM Boy & Girl before the end of the first year.


Mountain Gnome said...

Hi Freyashawk

I'm a little curious. When I married Karen I was never asked to choose a new nickname.... Is this something peculiar to Ann perhaps?

Maybe this has something to do with the fact that she was most likely your childhood playmate?


Freyashawk said...

Are you quite certain? This is a regular Harvest Moon detail, to be honest, in almost every Harvest Moon game that includes an option to marry. Even Rune Factory includes the nickname business. Well, I shall be marrying Karen in Spring so I will be able to confirm this myself. I hope you will not be jealous! I shan't save the result...

Anonymous said...

Hi, I noticed you said you were going to ask Natsume about why they removed the 'best friend' feature in Harvest Moon DS Cute a few posts back. I was wondering if you have asked them yet, or got a response, since I'm curious about their reason on that one. When I sent an e-mail, they just told me they didn't know its status, which wasn't much help... Anyways, personally I'm just gonna be all over Skye, so I'm still buying the game, but I feel bad for one of my friends who wanted to use the 'best friend' feature. D:

Mountain Gnome said...

Hmm, now I am confused... I don't seem to remember it, but then again, sometimes I have a sieve for a memory!

Shant be jealous though if you marry Karen though! Great minds think alike!


Freyashawk said...

Natsume is taking the position that 'Harvest Moon Cute DS' in its English version should not be compared with the Japanese game by Marvelous Interactive in any way. The official statement is: 'Best Friend? What's that?' This decision is politically motivated, unfortunately due to a puritanical streak across the U.S. that could misconstrue the 'Best Friend' option in the Japanese game. 'Harvest Moon' basically is a family game, with few 'adult' overtones and Natsume does not wish to put itself in the centre of any political conflict. In other words, the company refuses to be used as a scapegoat...
It is too bad really that the political climate in the U.S. is such that it could be a concern, but it IS.

Anonymous said...

Aww, yeah, that is true. I wouldn't want to imagine the response if an angry parent or politician freaked out over the game... Thank you for the quick response.

Freyashawk said...

In all honesty, at Natsume's request, I have been cautious about even MENTIONING the 'Best Friend' option at this point. Natsume's attitude is that at least 95% of Harvest Moon players are not familiar with the original Japanese version of any game. What is the point, therefore, of discussing an option that has been removed from the English game? Of course, it is hard-core fans like US who know all the variations in every version of every game... I told Natsume that I always include a section in my General Guide that discusses the differences between various versions but that I only will touch VERY lightly upon the 'Best Friend' issue. Natsume is a fabulous company that works really hard to bring us these games. I don't want to make trouble where none need exist... on the other hand, I for one am sorry that the option has been removed. The Magical Girls' heart events still remain in Cute and you can bring them to red heart level only to discover there's no reason to do so!

HarvestMoonGoddess said...

Hi Freyashawk!

Cute is coming out in 4 days.I am extremely exited, but I looked forward to the 'Best Friend' feature as well.I was disappointed when I heard it was removed.
I am very jealous of Japan.They always get the games sooner,they get the games with the best features and we dont!That's why I told my parents to move to Japan.

Well, Japan is where originally games are made so I cannot argue over that.Poor Europe.They always receive the games last, so for that I cannot complain.They have not yet even received Innocent Life.

I have not played HM DS in a long time.I have been busy with Rune Factory.

Ann is not very easy to court, as she does not like flowers and only likes meals, except for Spa Boiled Eggs.I do like her tomboyish nature, really.That's what makes her special actually.

Hope all is well with you,