Saturday, April 11, 2009

Walkthrough for Perfect IoH Game

I continue to receive so many emails about Island of Happiness that I thought I should post this Walkthrough of mine for a 'perfect game' again:

Walkthrough for Perfect Game in IoH

I wrote this Walkthrough last year and it IS included in my General Guide for Island of Happiness, but evidently there are a large number of players who have not noted its existence.

If any one is having trouble with Taro and the Fishing Rod, or obtaining the Event with Mirabelle that allows you to obtain a Dog... or ANYTHING else in the first year of the game, please read this little Walkthrough.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you SOOOO much. My sister and I had been having a lot of trouble with this game. However, I am having some difficulty catching the one hundred fish without needing to eat so many that it undermines any profit I would be getting. Are we supposed to eat two small fish, or two medium fish? Is two supposed to be enough? And when you say one hundred items, does that mean fish, or anything caught in the river, like bones, logs, etc.? Thank you again.