Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Quiz Contest in Rune Factory Frontier

The actual text of the Event, with all Questions and Answers, now is included in my new Calendar and Books Guide. The 'mini-guide' was created in order to make the General Guide shorter. It contains a Calendar of Festivals and Birthdays as well as the text of all the books in the Rune Archives and of Festivals in Trampoli.

The Quiz Contest is one of the most entertaining Festivals. This little video does not contain much vital information but I hope it will be fun to watch.


Nathan O'Riley said...

Thanks for the script. It made me giggle XD Especially the parts with Erik's mother and the commercial break.

Freyashawk said...

You are most welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I want to make useful video 'tutorials' but feel that amusing events such as these are as much a fundamental part of Rune Factory and Harvest Moon as any more 'serious' aspect of the games.

Anonymous said...

first of ur guides r great and they rely help, so thanks so much for them . but about the quiz contest i just wanted to make sure u knew that there are many more questions and grandpa's special time posssibilities than u listed in ur guide. for example if ur tied when it gets to the grandpa question time he says something different than he does when ur ahead of everyone else.

also on a different point, i read through most of ur guides and i think that u shuld maybe mention that u can give an individual andy number of gifts on a single day and the friendship points will continute to increase till 10. however the love points will only go up a certain amount per day. when u talk about giving gifts i dont think u really make this point clear.

Freyashawk said...

Anon, I know there are other questions and other results for the Quiz Day as well as other contests, but I added the text to the Guide to give players an idea about the Contest. Perhaps I should make that clear.

As far as Multiple Gifts are concerned, you are absolutely correct and I do need to make that clear. Friendship will increase but only the first Gift affects the actual Love level.