Monday, April 6, 2009

100 Blows as opposed to 100 Roses in Rune Factory Frontier

In Rune Factory 2, a Bouquet of 100 Roses played a pivotal role in the successful courtship of Rosalind. In Rune Factory Frontier, 100 Slaps by Rita may not be its romantic equivalent, but it certainly adds entertainment value to more than one Event.

The Ganesha Cup Boat Race near the end of Summer could be a Romantic Event if you managed to raise an Eligible Girl's heart level sufficiently to persuade her to lend her presence to your gondola in the Race. In the 1st Year, however, I daresay many players will not have managed to increase any girl's heart level enough to make this a reality.

At the 11th hour, however, when you have agreed to enter the Race alone, an unexpected character will offer to join you! What follows then is one of two Events, chosen randomly without any connection to the response you make to the individual's offer.

Here are the Events at the Ganesha Cup Boat Race with some background material about the nature of the '100 Blows'.

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