Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rune Factory and the Rich World of the Imagination

Every one loves Woolies. How can one not love those gentle, delightful little Monsters? In Rune Factory 2, they are paid tribute in the form of the Wooly OUtfit that your character will receive in the 2nd Generation if he is a boy. I have to say that, although Rune Factory 2 may be my favourite game of all time, Rune Factory Frontier has wonderful Wooly Monsters and their behaviour is both charming and endearing.

They can cause damage when untamed, but even so, their combat behaviour is amusing to watch (from a distance). They roll about on the ground and cry out, 'Wee wee! Wee wee!' Their attack can cause confusion, however, so it is best not to allow them to damage you or your Monster Ally, although it is a temporary effect.

It is when you have tamed a Wooly (or one of his cousins) and have sufficient Friendship with one to obtain Wool that his behaviour is most endearing. The little Wooly will look up at you, paws clasped almost as if in prayer and when you shear him with the Harvester, he will sneeze!

Incidentally, another wonderful addition to Monster behaviour in the Rune Factory universe in Rune Factory Frontier is the ability to 'harvest' Seeds and Ores/Gems from specific Monster types. The 'plant' Monsters of prior Rune Factory games now, when tamed, give Seeds as a Product. The 'Mimics' and their cousins give Ores and Gems. The 'Grim Reapers' such as Necros and Ghosts actually can use their sickles to mow your Grass and create Fodder.

Thinking of all of this, I once more realised how real these 'virtual' worlds become to those who explore them regularly. Those who never play these games are missing so much! I am infinitely grateful to Marvelous Interactive, Natsume and XSeed for creating Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games and making them available to an English-speaking audience.

One more point should be made about Rune Factory: all three Rune Factory games are worth playing. It would be a mistake to choose one over another. Those players who choose Rune Factory Frontier without ever playing the original Rune Factory will miss an important chapter in the story. Vital events in the history of Norad are experienced in the original Rune Factory. Characters from Kardia actually reappear in Trampoli in Rune Factory Frontier. In the same way that Harvest Moon DS and Cute DS combine threads and characters from A/Another Wonderful Life and Friends/More Friends of Mineral Town, all Rune Factory games are connected.

Rune Factory 2 has its roots in the original Rune Factory. Some of the characters from Kardia are included in the game as well. Although you may find the same or similar Monsters in all three Rune Factory games, each offers its own unique experiences and challenges.


Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me what neck and head equipment you`ve got on in these pictures and how to forge them?

Freyashawk said...

Anon, there are entire sections devoted to equipment choices in my General Guide, but at this point in the game, I believe my character had the Headdress, the Elemental Pendants, the Elemental Capes and the Wristwatch. I forged all four of the Elemental Pendants and Capes and switch them depending on the Dungeon I am visiting. Despite the fact that the Headdress looks suspiciously like a girl's Alice Band or Headband, it is an excellent piece of head Equipment.

Headdress: Katusha, Quality Cloth, Charm Blue, Moondrop, Yarn Ball, Magic Talon
Heart Pendant: Pendant, Red Core
Heart Pendant: Pendant, Copper, Fire Crystal
Dew Pendant: Pendant, Silver, Water Crystal, Teardrop
Storm Pendant: Pendant, Silver, Wind Crystal, Bird Feather
Earth Pendant: Pendant, Silver, Earth Crystal, Root
Wind Cape: Cheap Cloth, Quality Cloth, Quality Fur, Wind Crystal, Moondrop
Fire Cape: Cheap Cloth, Quality Cloth, Quality Fur, Fire Crystal, Pink Cat
Water Cape: Cheap Cloth, Quality Cloth, Quality Fur, Water Crystal, Charm Blue
Water Cape: Cheap Cloth, Quality Cloth, Quality Fur, Bright Tentacle
Earth Cape: Cheap Cloth, Quality Cloth, Quality Fur, Earth Crystal, Toy Herb
Earth Cape: Cheap Cloth, Quality Cloth, Quality Fur, Ice Snake Tongue
Wristwatch: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Monster hide, Solid Point

Incidentally, all these Recipes should be included in my Rune Factory Frontier Recipe Cookbook Guide. (The latest version will be available tomorrow afternoon and will include almost every Recipe in the game.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly.

valencia said...

hello :) i want to ask you something, how could we be friend with wooly, buffamo, and silver wolf?? i tried to pet them with the pet glove but it always miss, there wasn't any heart.. i don't know what to do oh ya i'm at level 3 now... thanks before :D

Freyashawk said...

Valencia, you will find links to all my actual Strategy Guides for Rune Factory Frontier on the right side of the page. The Bestiary and Caves Guide gives all the Levels of the Monsters and details on how to befriend and tame them. Your levels are insufficient. Until you reach a higher level, your Glove will MISS. Keep raising your levels... There are Monsters you won't be able to tame until you reach at least Level 90!
(My Guide is more accurate, but if memory serves me, you only need about Level 12 for the Silver Wolf.) Sadly, I haven't played RFF for quite some time.