Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Odd Recipe in Rune Factory Frontier

I vaguely remember Recipes in Harvest Moon games that lacked an essential ingredient such as a Recipe given by a villager in FoMT for Cheese Fondue without any mention of Bread.

In Rune Factory Frontier, the Recipe for Dried Squid contains absolutely no Squid or any Fish or Seafood.

It is given as follows:

Dried Squid: 1610G
Skill Level 85
HP 250, RP 400, FX 120 sec. Max HP +80, Status Attack
Ingredients: Rice, Curry Powder, Onion, Carrot, Bell Pepper

You cannot add 'optional' ingredients to dishes in Rune Factory Frontier. When I placed all the required ingredients in the Cooking Box, I was able to prepare 'Dried Squid' successfully.

I suspect that the omission of Squid may have been accidental, but it makes a very powerful recovery dish nonetheless.

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