Monday, April 13, 2009

Bestiary and Caves Guide for Rune Factory Frontier

My General Guide for Rune Factory Frontier now is complete to the point of unlocking the Snow Ruins. I created a Bestiary and Caves Guide as well today but I see now that I neglected to add the Lava Ruins Boss section to it. At this point, therefore, the information about the Lava Ruins Boss Monster and its Minions and the unlocking of the Snow Ruins is to be found solely in the General Guide. Tomorrow's update of the Bestiary Guide will contain those sections as well. I am working on a Farming Guide that gives all information about each Crop and the Seeds to create it. It is a mini-guide and therefore not long, but should be completed tomorrow as well.

Meanwhile, here is a Tip from my guide for obtaining Gold quickly and easily, for those players who have been searching for that metal.

Tip for Obtaining Gold

You will find Gold in the Snow Ruins but there is a very easy source of Gold in the Lava Ruins on the 6th floor. In the antechamber in front of the door that leads to the Boss Monster and his minions, you will find three Rocks that can be smashed for Ores. You usually will find at least one Gold here and sometimes even two. Once you have defeated the Giant Fire Slime in the Lava Ruins, you will find a circle portal that leads from the entrance of the dungeon directly to the 6th floor, much like the one that appeared in the Green Ruins after the 1st defeat of the Giant Clucky.

Two urns to the right of the door that leads to the Boss Monster and Minions can be smashed for items. One usually contains Ketchup, an item that ships for over 700 Gold.
Remember that each time you leave a dungeon and re-enter it, all Crates and Rocks will respawn. With either the ‘circle portal’ shortcut or access to the 6th floor via the stairway in the southeast, you will have an almost infinite supply of Gold… and Ketchup!

N.B. I looked at the new Bestiary and Caves Guide and in fact, I copied the Lava Ruins information twice... I have edited this now, but the latest version will not appear until tomorrow. Sorry about that... too much work and too little time always!


Ikaria said...

hope this is helpful, i found that the best place to get silver early in the game is the lava ruins on 6bf floor at the top right of the map there guarded by two scorpion like monster that can be easily dispatches with your silver wolf just attack it when it has done its attack a few time and the scorpions is done for. get down from the wolf and reap your rewards. up till now i always get silver there. usually there is 1 to three silver ore there. hope this help all those who are searching for this ore.

Freyashawk said...

I think it actually is easier to find Silver on the 3rd floor of the Lava Runes, in a place that is guarded by Scorpions. If you have the stairway shortcut, you can go through the area with the Mages to the far northeast corner of the screen and smash the rocks there to find Silver.

Ikaria said...

owh i guess i mixup the floor. sorry that is what i aim for to say. should've leave this to the pro. Lol.

Vulcan said...

I found the rocks with gold that you mention at level 6 of the Lava Ruins the first time I went there. However, the rocks and the urns seem to have disappeared now; I have been in and out of there several times, over several days, and there is no sign of the rocks.

I have not yet defeated the Lava Ruins boss, so I can't yet go to the next dungeon. Is there any other location in the Lava Ruins where gold can be found?

Freyashawk said...

Vulcan, are you certain you are going to the same place? Although the appearance of any item inside a Rock or Urn ALWAYS is random, the actual Urns and cluster of Rocks ALWAYS are there. The Lava Ruins is known for Copper and Silver rather than Gold. The 6th Floor really is the best location to find Gold there. What I suggest is that you save your game at home, go immediately to the 6th Floor of the Ruins and if you don't find Gold, reload and try again until you do. I have been there a thousand times and the actual Urns and Rocks ALWAYS are there. Sometimes they contain nothing of interest, but this is the cluster that DOES yield Gold randomly.

Vulcan said...

I am quite certain that it's the same place, because I did find the gold there first and (as I explain below) subsequently. I think I have figured out the puzzle, though.

I have now defeated the Lava Ruins boss, so the glowing green shortcut from the entrance is available. If I go to the 6th floor directly using the green shortcut, the rocks are there (and often have gold, as you mention). However, if I go there via the stairs, the rocks are missing, even if I return to the entrance and go back down via the shortcut. If I leave/reenter the dungeon and then go down through the shortcut, the rocks appear. This happened consistently over several attempts (all on the same day, though).

Incidentally, regarding the ketchup you mention in the urns: in all my visits, I have never encountered ketchup - I have found tomatoes, mushrooms, copper, a thin stick, etc., but never ketchup.

Anonymous said...

i had the same problem as vulcan with the rocks and urns on the 6th floor of the Lava Ruins... it was bothersome and i think it was just a glitch that randomly happens