Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Temporary Effects Section in General Guide

As I was copying Recipes from the various Cookbooks in Rune Factory Frontier into my Walkthrough/General Guide, I realised that a guide that organised Cooked Dishes by the temporary Special Effects that they provided in battle could be invaluable. I therefore began to create lists of all Cooked Dishes organised by special effects.

As I did this, I began to note the patterns. Ingredients and method of cooking both determine the special effects that any Cooked Dish provides.

For example, both Rice and Flour as ingredients tend to boost Maximum HP. Chestnuts boost Earth Attack. Fish tend to boost Defence. Most Cooked Dishes have two temporary Special Effects.

The Cooked Dishes that you choose to eat before you encounter specific enemies can improve your chances of success greatly. For example, I found that eating Ice Cream before I engaged the Giant Fire Slime in battle made my task much easier.

I did complete all the lists and the section has been added to the General Guide. The latest version of the guide should be uploaded later this afternoon.

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