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Using Magic in any Rune Factory game


In Rune Factory Frontier, you can make a return engagement with any Boss Monster after defeating it the first time. A 'portal' in the form of a circle of light will open at the entrance to the Green Ruins, for example, allowing you to descend instantly to the lair of the Giant Clucky.

You then can go through the door to meet her again in battle.

Players have noticed, somewhat to their consternation, that the power and maximum HP of the Giant Clucky increases enormously after her first defeat. She is not particularly difficult to defeat in the first engagement. In subsequent battles, however, you may require a different strategy to experience victory.

This is where a player may wish to use Magic instead of an ordinary Weapon and Attack.

In Rune Factory 2, the only Magic Spell available to a player in the 1st Generation is Fireball. In Rune Factory Frontier, although Kanno will give you your first magic wand in the form of the Fire Rod, you can forge Wands for the other Elements as soon as you purchase an elementary Forge from Lute. Having the Wand gives you the power to use it without need for a separate Spellbook as in other Rune Factory games.

You can make an Earth Wand with a small Forge (no house expansion required) using only an Earth Crystal and a Thin Stick. The Skill Level requirement for this is very low, at Skill Level 6.

Earth Wand: 560G; ATK 30, REQ SKL 7, SP ATK 1, RP Use 17, Magic +55, Earth Attack +7

A far more powerful Earth Wand is the Gaia Wand, requiring a Great Forge as it uses four ingredients: Earth Crystal, Magic Powder, Root and Thin Stick.

Gaea Rod: 670G; ATK 70, REQ SKL 40, SP ATK 1, RP Use 67, FX Magic +40, Earth Attack +14.

Note however, the difference in RP Use between the two. The Earth Wand uses only 17 RP as opposed to the 67 RP required for use of the Gaia Wand. If your character has not attained high levels, you may wish to opt for the lesser Earth Wand so as not to deplete RP too quickly. Both Wands have 1 Special Attack and the Earth Wand actually boosts Magic higher by 55 points as opposed to 40.

In my guides for Rune Factory 2, I urged players to use Magic as often as possible in the 1st Generation simply in order to increase their Skill Levels in Magic in anticipation of the 2nd Generation. Talents and Skill Levels are inherited by your child in Rune Factory 2 and, at the very start of the 2nd Generation, your child can obtain all the recovery Spells such as Cure and Medication. In my view, having high Magic Skill Levels in Rune Factory 2 was worth more for the ability to use Cure and Medication effectively than any of the Elemental Spells.

In Rune Factory Frontier, however, being able to forge Wands for all the Elements early in the game means that Magic is a resource in combat that should not be ignored even in the early stages of gameplay.

When you unlock the Lava Ruins, Kross will tell you:

Kross: So you went to the Lava Ruins. Heh… The monsters there are resistant to fire and weak against ice. It’s a good strategy to aim for the enemies’ weaknesses.'

Each Monster has its own strength and weakness. Some Monsters are not ruled by ANY Element. Others, like the Giant Clucky, have a specific Elemental Power. Use any Earth Power against the Giant Clucky to increase the Damage of your attacks. In the case of the Giant Clucky, use of an Earth Wand will allow you to keep a safe distance from her as well when you attack.

In this situation, if you take a Silver Wolf with you, you need to dismount so that you can fight independently. Her attacks will cause some damage and may tip the scales in your favour if your own Levels still are low when you engage the Giant Clucky for the second or third time.

Incidentally, paying attention to the temporary effects of food items can make victory a breeze. If you intend to use Magic to fight the Giant Clucky, for example, eat a couple of Berry Jams before you walk through the entrance to engage her. Even a Level 1 Berry Jam (made in a Pot with a single Strawberry) will increase your Magic by 30 points!

If you have only an elementary Forge, you will not be able to make very sophisticated Elemental Swords. The best you will have probably are the Aquasword, the Windsword and the two-handed Flame Sabre and Earth Shade. You can use the Earth Shade fairly effectively against the Giant Clucky but a magic Rod with Earth power is far better as it keeps you out of range of her counterattacks.

Remember that any combat will serve to raise your own character's Experience Levels. Fighting the Giant Clucky again has other positive side-effects in terms of allowing you to obtain a number of War Trophies, including another Giant Cockscomb and at least two Bird Feathers. The rest of the War Trophies obtained in any Victory against her are randomly chosen.

Incidentally, another vital consideration in ANY combat situation in ANY Rune Factory game is the defensive equipment that you equip.

In Rune Factory Frontier, two of the items obtained as War Trophies from the Giant Clucky can be made into an excellent accessory in the form of Head Equipment. A Feathered Hat has the following stats:

Feathered Hat, Lv. 2: 804G. ATK 0, DEF 34, MAG 35, FX Wind Attack +5, Wind Resistance +5.

Wind Attack is of no use against a Wind Elemental Creature such as the Giant Clucky but the Defensive Wind Resistance will help. Apart from that, the Feathered Hat is one of the best Head Equipment items that can be created with only a small Forge, as it requires only 2 ingredients: Giant Cockscomb and Bird Feather. (There are two different Recipes for the Feathered Hat, actually. The other one requires 3 ingredients. Both create the same item.)

Furry Belt: 1240G (Torso EQ): ATK 0, DEF 60, MAG 30, FX Max HP +20, Fire Resistance -10

To create the Elemental Pendants, you will need a Great Forge, as they require 4 ingredients rather than 2.

In fact, in any battle with the Giant Clucky, if you want Elemental Attack boosted, the Earth Pendant may be the best choice of Neck Equipment:

Earth Pendant: 740G; ATK 0, DEF 40, MAG 30, Earth Attack +8, Earth Resistance +15.

You may prefer to have protection AGAINST the Giant Clucky's Wind power, however, by equipping the Storm Pendant.

Storm Pendant: 790G; (Neck EQ): ATK 0, DEF 40, MAG 30, FX: Wind Attack +8, Wind Resistance +15.

Note that, in the context of the Lava Ruins, the Furry Belt actually is weak to Fire, as it gives minus 10 Fire Resistance, but even so, its DEF and MAG power is very good.

If you want to have special power against Fire, you can equip the Aqua Brooch instead.

Aqua Brooch: 320G (Torso EQ): ATK 0, DEF 12, MAG 20, Max HP +40, Water Attack +12.

Obviously, its defensive power is far less than the Furry Belt, but it actually boosts Water Attack by 12 points, making it a weapon in a sense when confronting Fire Elementals.

A good defensive choice in the Lava Ruins would be:

Dew Pendant, Lv. 2: 948G, (Neck EQ) ATK 0, DEF 44, MAG 30, FX Water Attack +8, Water Resistance +15

As you can see, a player who spends time at the Workbench forging accessories can 'stack the deck' against any specific type of Enemy.

Personally, I always believe that Experience is both the best form of Weapon and Protection in any Rune Factory game or indeed, any RPG. Weapons and Accessories can maximise your strength and minimise your weaknesses, but high Skill and Experience levels can make victory much more likely in ANY situation.

Other Battle Tips:

Note that a single Bamboo Shoot baked in an Oven offers not only a gain of 10 HP and 100 RP but 100% defence against Paralysis AND Seal for two minutes! This can be extremely useful when confronting enemies with the power to inflict Seal.

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