Sunday, April 19, 2009

Golden Turnips in Rune Factory Frontier

The Coming of Age Day Festival with its Adventure Contest may not be critically important in Rune Factory Frontier but it may offer you the first opportunity to obtain a Golden Turnip.

It is an amusing Event as well. The fact that you can see the true nature of the item that your character finds while he still is excited about the possibility of it being a Golden Turnip is only one of the entertaining aspects of this Festival Day.


Vinnie Bartilucci said...

Just about everyone that plays the search for the turnip has a "cheat" scene. I got Melody bringing one back that was revealed to be a regular turnip that got a golden sheen from the hot water in the bath house. Who else has found said scenes?

Freyashawk said...

That's right, Vinnie and the information is included in my Walkthrough for the Festival. There should be a 'cheat' winner in every Festival, or at least one character who mistakenly believes he/she has found the Golden Turnip. I had both Danny and Uzuki before time constraints forced me to move on. In time, I will document all the Events for this Festival as they are quite amusing.