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Tips for Raising Item Levels in Cooking in RFF

Tip for Raising Item Levels in Cooking

In Rune Factory Frontier, the Level of an edible item can determine its effects when consumed. HP will not vary but RP and the length of time that any temporary effect endures will be boosted by a higher level.

There are a number of Recipes that require a single Ingredient. Bread is one of these, requiring nothing more than a bag of Flour and an Oven. When you make Bread, you can stop the gauge in the green to create Level 2 Bread from a Level 1 bag of Flour.
You then can increase the Level again by making Toast. Toast requires nothing more than Bread to create. Place the Bread in the Oven and stop the gauge again in the green to make the Level 2 Bread into Level 3 Toast.
Level 1 Toast has the following stats:
Toast, Lv 1: 190G; HP 50, RP 100, FX Time 120 sec, Max HP +40, Earth Resistance +20
Level 3 Toast has these stats:
Toast, Lv 3: 266G; HP 50, RP 150, FX Time 180 sec, Max HP +40, Earth Resistance +20
It is only in combat situations that the difference can become critical. Having an item that raises your Maximum HP by 40 points for 3 minutes instead of 2 minutes can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Even having an item that boosts your Maximum HP by 40 points for 2 minutes may bring critical aid at a point when your character is approaching zero HP! Food supplies can be critical during battle. Remember that any food items your character consumes will benefit both your own character and that of any Monster Ally who accompanies you.
There are a number of Dishes that can be boosted in Level twice in the same way that a Level 1 bag of Flour can become Level 3 Toast. Rice can be made into a Rice Ball using no utensils at all. Hit the gauge in the green and make it into a Level 2 Rice Ball. Place it in the oven and hit the gauge in the green again to create a Level 3 Hot Rice Ball.
Rice Ball, Level 1 has the following stats:
Rice Ball, Lv. 1: 160G; HP 45, RP 75; FX Time 120 sec. Max HP +45
Hot Rice Ball, Level 3 has the following stats:
Hot Rice Ball, Lv. 3: 266G; HP 55, RP 150; FX Time 180 sec. Max HP +50, Earth Resistance +10
Both Rice and Flour can be found inside Caves/Dungeons in Treasure Chests, Crates and Urns. If you use the 2nd Beanstalk on any Holiday to access the Whale’s Fin, you can obtain a fine quantity of Rice, Chocolate, Flour and other items, including Crystals, Gems, Energy Drinks and Ores, simply by climbing the Beanstalk again and again… If you prefer to use your time in a different manner, you can purchase both Flour and Rice always at the Tavern at night.

Where forging items is concerned, the level of the item may increase its power as well in certain aspects. In a number of cases, there will be two separate Recipes for the same item. For example, if you wish to create a Wing Ring, you can choose between the following Recipes:

Wing Ring, Skill Level 30: Silver Ring, Wind Crystal, Glue
Wing Ring, Skill Level 30: Silver Ring, Giant Cockscomb

If you have all the ingredients needed to create the Wing Ring using either of these, which is the best Recipe to follow?

Your decision may rest upon a couple of factors. One may be that of choosing the Recipe for which ingredients are most easily obtained. Another may be that of choosing the Recipe with the ingredients of the highest level.

The ultimate Level of any item created in the Kitchen, Forge, Craft Bench or Pharmacy is based on the LOWEST level of ingredient in Rune Factory Frontier. In other words, if you have three ingredients at Level 3 and one ingredient at Level 1, the item created will be Level 1, unless you create it 'perfectly' by hitting the green section of the gauge, in which case its level will be raised to Level 2. In other words, it is not the average of all ingredients but the ingredient that is the lowest level that will determine the level of the new item.

A Silver Ring created using Level 1 ingredients can be made as a Level 2 item by hitting the green gauge at the Craft Bench. You then will have a Level 2 Silver Ring.

If you have only Level 1 Glue or Level 1 Wind Crystal, it would be better to use a Level 2 Cockscomb instead to create your Wing Ring using the Level 2 Silver Ring previously fashioned. By hitting the green in the process, you can create a Level 3 Wing Ring, which will give you more defence than either Level 1 or Level 2.

Level 1 Wing Ring: 750G, ATK 10, DEF 30, MAG 40, FX Wind Attack +12, Wind Resistance +8
Level 3 Wing Ring: 1050G, ATK 10, DEF 38, MAG 40, FX Wind Attack +12, Wind Resistance +8

As you can see, only the Defence is raised when a higher level of Wing Ring is created, but Defence can be critical while your character remains at fairly low experience levels. When you compare the 8 points of defence obtained by creating a Level 3 Wing Ring and remember that the initial Item available from Danny in the form of the Pendant had only 8 Defence total, you will see that it is in your best interests to attempt to hit the Green on the gauge. Furthermore, only energy is used in any failed attempt at the Forge or Crafting Bench. This was the case in other Rune Factory games as well. It is only in Cooking that ingredients will be wasted if you fail to achieve a successful Dish, as your ingredients in such a situation will be USED to create a Flop instead of the Dish in the Recipe.

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