Tuesday, April 7, 2009

'Dressing for Success': Weapons and Equipment in Rune Factory

Harvest Moon and Rune Factory are based on the principle of balance and harmony in all aspects of life. If you focus on one aspect to the exclusion of others, you will lose chances to benefit.

Cooking always is an important aspect of life in any Harvest Moon game. In Rune Factory, Forging is added to the Skills that your character needs to succeed. If you neglect to practice forging as well as cooking, you will be at a disadvantage where combat is concerned.

Here is a brief introduction to Weapons and Eguipment in Rune Factory Frontier. 'Dressing for Success' in terms of choosing Weapons and Equipment wisely may make the difference between victory and defeat, especially when confronting a Boss Monster in any Rune Factory game.

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Furukawa Nagisa said...

This is a good guide to look into ^^
Thanks for the information. I can't wait till I will be able to play Rune Factory Frontier ^^