Thursday, April 16, 2009

Table of Contents added to both RFF Guides

Just a note to players to say that I buckled down and did a job I really detest, but one that is vital to any decent guide: I created a Table of Contents both for the General Guide and for the Bestiary Guide for Rune Factory Frontier.

I am adding Recipes to the General Guide daily. It is dull work but necessary. Meanwhile, I have to confess that I was appalled by the poor organisation of the General Guide. I reorganised it completely and players now should be able to use it without acquiring a bad headache in the process!

Thanks for every one's patience and understanding. As always, I do believe it is better to publish the information as quickly as possible, even if it is disorganised, and then organise it when time permits.

I am working on a new section for the General Guide that gives ALL Recipes for Cooked Dishes by temporary special effects. This should be most useful in combat situations.

In other words, a player instantly can go to this section to see what food dishes will boost Maximum HP or Wind Attack or anything else... without hunting through the Cookbooks!


Anonymous said...

You're nice, thanks. I always read your blog and I love Harvest Moon and Rune Factory.
Continue with your guides!

Lalaland said...

Hey, you got an award at my blog. =D

Freyashawk said...

Lalaland, I almost deleted your comment, thinking it was a marketing attempt, but I went to your site and see that you post useful contests for individuals who read books. I hope that the books actually are sent to the 'winners'... the internet can be filled with deceit as well as legitimate offerings.

Lalaland said...

O.O They are sent to the winners. The contests are ways to advertise the blogs for more readers. And the award has nothing to do with the blogs. It's just an award given to bloggers of your choosing. Sorry if you thought it was spam.