Sunday, December 14, 2008

Special Birthday Gift Items for the 2nd Generation

I wrote a post previously that gave each of the Special Birthday Gift items for characters in the 1st Generation but thought that the list of the 2nd Generation characters and their Birthday Gift items would be helpful as well. This information IS included in my little Rune Factory Calendar Guide. Actually the Calendar Guide is one of my mini-guides, giving information quickly about a specific aspect of the game. Players may find it helpful to print it out, as it displays all birthdays with the designated Special Birthday Gift Item in brackets after the individual's name. (You will find the link on the right side of this page.)

The Birthday Gifts for each of the 1st Generation characters can be purchased from Yue. As most of these items are 'Cooked Dishes' or Accessories, I believe this was done in order to allow players to give them to the characters before they themselves had the ability to make items in a Workshop.

The 2nd Generation items are Cooked Dishes and Accessories but you will be obliged to make them yourself if you wish to 'gift' a 2nd Generation character. The list is as follows:

Leann, 27 Winter: Sapphire Ring
Leonel, 3 Summer: Mixed Juice
Orland, 15 Winter: Fried Sunsquid
Sera and Serena, 29 Autumn: Marmalade

A player asked how one could discover an individual's birthday in Rune Factory 2. In fact, in the 1st Generation, the character will tell you the date when he/she reaches a specific heart level. As soon as this occurs, the date will be added to the Calendar on the wall of your Farmhouse.

Where 2nd Generation characters are concerned, however, ALL their birthdays will be included on the Calendar from the start of the 2nd Generation.

As I explained in an earlier post, if you give the designated Birthday Gift to an individual on any day other than his/her actual birthday, you will be told that the character loves the item but would rather have it on his/her birthday.
You may notice that the items that Roy and Cammy loved best when they were younger children no longer are their favourites in the 2nd Generation. I still need to discover if the Special Birthday Gift item for each remains constant through both generations.

A similar situation occurs both in Harvest Moon DS and Harvest Moon Cute DS with respect to the characters such as Kate and Hugh who become young adults in the course of the game. Their favourite items change as they become more mature.


music said...

I want to thank you for this blog. I just returned to the Harvest Moon series, and have so much to learn. I am currently playing Rune Factory 2, and I LOVE IT. I think I am going to marry Dorothy, but will raise the hearts of all the ladies to see their stories.

I forgot how much I enjoyed this game. I really do appreciate these guides because it has caught me up to the mechanics of the game again.

Lindske said...


I follow your blog almost daily and am very thankful for all the information you share!!! With respect to birthdays I have a question: in my game, I have about half the characters birthdays, but I fear I raised everyones elses heartlevel too far to still get theirs (by winning the monster taming competition). Do you know: Is there only one moment/heartlevel at which they tell you their birthday, or can I still get the others (even though all of them are already asking for my opion of them)?


Freyashawk said...

I found that the characters only told their birthdays at 4 hearts in the 1st Generation. All new characters from the 2nd Generation are added automatically to the Calendar. If you look at my Calendar Guide, it includes all birthdays and the special birthday gift for each character. Give the individual the gift on his/her birthday and the date then will appear on your Calendar.