Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Missing Pages in Rune Factory 2

When you obtain the Magical Spellbooks in Rune Factory 2, each will be missing two pages and will be described as 'badly damaged'. Badly damaged Spellbooks are Green in colour. When you are given the first Missing Page and ask Mana to repair the Book, it will become Red in colour. With the repair of the second Missing Page, the Spellbook will have its full power.

There was an odd error in the version of the game that I played. When I completed Egan's final Request, I was told that I received 'DRY CURRY', but in fact what I received was Missing Page 1 of the Stone Spike Spellbook. Completing Tanya's Troll 'Trial' Request directly afterwards gave me the final page of the Stone Spike Spellbook. I did not realise this at once, however, as I completed both requests almost simultaneously, so I erroneously listed Egan's reward as 'Dry Curry'. That will be corrected in the Guide in the next update.

Missing Page 1: Barrett's Request
Missing Page 2: Natalie's final Request

Missing Page 1: Yue's Request
Missing Page 2: Douglas' Final Request

Missing Page 1: Alicia's Request
Missing Page 2: Cecilia's final Request

Water Laser:
Missing Page 1: Barrett's Request
Missing Page 2: Tanya's Hobgoblin Trial Request

Stone Spike
Missing Page 1: Egan's Final Request
Missing Page 2: Tanya's Troll Trial Request

Sonic Wind
Missing Page 1: Roy's Request
Missing Page 2: Gordon's final Request

Life Drain:
Missing Page 1: Yue's Request
Missing Page 2: Ray's final Request

Missing Page 1: Yue's Request
Missing Page 2: Max's final Request


Anonymous said...

Do you know where to get the spell that you use to fight the fiersome?

Anonymous said...

the spell that you need to fight fiersome is in the library. Its on the shelf where is says there are some tough books here (or something like that). you can only get it after you collect all the table fragments and talk to barret.

Giovana DFL said...

Ahn... Maybe it's a silly question, but I have a problem. Everytime I ask Mana to repair my magic book, she says I don't have the right page. But I do! Do I have to find the spellbook before? I haven't found any yet, and I have no ideia of how...

Lucario said...

I'm not sure why, but it doesn't seem like you can do any quests for your character's mother to get the page from her quest. I have my character's mother as Cecilia and even though I have her hearts up, she has yet to post her quests at all.

Anonymous said...

Lucario No offense but I had Dorothy as my mom and I've had a few request. I haven't had any requests from Cecilia. I guess it just depends on who you marry

Anonymous said...

Cecelia only has like one quest in the second generation. I married mana and at 3 friendship point I got a quest.

Anonymous said...

If the spell book is linked to a button, you cannot repair the book, just like you cannot forge a weapon that is equipped.