Monday, December 1, 2008

Monsters in the 2nd Generation of Rune Factory 2

Some players expressed some concern that, if they spent too much time in the 1st Generation polishing their Skills, they would not find the 2nd Generation challenging enough in terms of combat.

Let me assure these players that this will NOT be the case by any means! I did not have my combat levels quite at maximum when I moved forward to the 2nd generation in my test game but, even so, my Skills were more than decent both in regular Weapons and in Magic. Nonetheless, there are Monsters in the 2nd Generation who could 'knock my socks off' as it were. I could defeat any Monster ultimately but it wasn't easy in every case.

It does appear that one will meet with the best success if one follows the Seasons in terms of exploring 2nd Generation Caves. That is how the game intended progression to occur and it does make sense, although you can change the order if you like. As a matter of fact, in my very first day in the 2nd Generation, I walked to the northern screen in the Trieste Forest rather carelessly and thereby encountered the 'Boss' Monster in the form of the Terror Tree. I actually was able to defeat him without any of the 2nd Generation Magic Spells like Cure... and indeed it does not affect the plot much to do things out of order. I didn't save the result, however, as I wanted to experience dialogues with characters BEFORE I bested that particular Monster.

There are 'ordinary' Monsters who can be more challenging than the 'Boss' Monsters actually. It is even more challenging when you wish to tame a Monster rather than defeat it.

The Blackbirds in the 2nd Generation will destroy stumps on your field for you but they are both very vicious and fast, with multiple attacks that can reduce your HP to zero in an instant if you fail to use 'Cure'. While engaged in petting them to try to tame them, you must endure punishing attacks. They are very useful, however, until you are able to increase your Forging Skills to the point where you can upgrade your Tools. Recipes in general take time to learn, as neither Mana nor Barreet will teach more than two lessons each day and the holiday is a true holiday in terms of School attendance. (I use the term 'Recipes' not only for Cooked Dishes but for the Forge and Pharmacy.)

I am updating my Rune Factory 2 General Guide with 2nd Generation material as quickly as I can. Among other things, I have added to the Bestiary...

It is only in the 2nd Generation that you can encounter the adorable Chipsqueek Monster. It is fitting that he was chosen as the plush toy for Rune Factory 2.

N.B. The miniature sword in the photograph has a damascus steel blade and carved mammoth ivory handle. I'm afraid that the blade has been neglected a little and needs to be both oiled and sharpened! It is a 'working' sword of tempered Damascus, even if it is sized for a pocket princeling or pocket Valkyrie.


Melvil~ said...

The squirrel... too bad I'm not from USA... We don't get those cool stuff here in Mexico. And I'm still sad I haven't got my game... checking the backwards of the game it says its only to be distributed in USA, Mexico and Canada, but I don't see ANY on Mexico! And when I say "Rune Factory" the employees look at me as if I was talking in Chinese... For when I get my game, your guide will probably be almost complete haha~

Jolline said...

Well,I know this is a stupid question but..
Where do you take the feed out and where do you put it so that your monsters can eat it?

Freyashawk said...

You don't feed your monsters personally either in the original Rune Factory or in Rune Factory 2. In the original, you did have to chuck feed into the individual huts but all Monsters are in the same Barn in Rune Factory 2. All you need to do is make certain that the total in Monster Feed is sufficient. I always keep at least at total of 2000 feed in my Monster Farn. (If you grow grass, it is very easy as one plot will produce quite a lot of grass and can be mown every few days for more.)

Jolline said...

Well,I just started the game hence I only bought like 4 feed..However,it should be enough for 2 monsters but I did not see the feed decrease,instead,it remain as 4 =(

Freyashawk said...

I have so many Monsters now that I never count the feed, but it is quite possible that tamed Monsters do not need food the first day that they are tamed... I can't recall, but I'll test that by counting totals and taming a new monster.

They each will consume 1 portion per day, though and it adds up FAST. Plant at least one plot of grass immediately if you don't want ALL your income to be spent on Feed!

Freyashawk said...

Melvil, can't you order the game from a supplier in the U.S. like Amazon? The Chipsqueeks are supposed to have been 'pre-order' gifts but they still were supplying them with orders from Amazon a few days ago, oddly enough.

Jolline said...

oh,okay thanks a lot