Friday, December 26, 2008

Alicia Mystery in Rune Factory 2

In Rune Factory 2, special items are obtained often through Requests that are posted on the Bulletin Board.

Special items can include Missing Pages from Spellbooks as well as Special Proposal Items, weapons, seeds and money. Some are more important than others.

Requests from individuals appear at specific heart levels. They must be experienced in proper order. If you do not complete an individual's first Request, therefore, the second never will appear on the Bulletin Board. It is a good idea to complete every Request that appears on the board both in the 1st and 2nd Generation. Even if you do not intend to marry a specific Eligible Girl in the 1st Generation, you should complete her Requests.

There is an odd 'Request' from Alicia in the 1st Generation that can result in the acquisition of Missing Page 1 from the Fireball Spellbook. It actually involves nothing more than a brief dialogue. Alicia will wonder why she isn't married yet. If you tell her it is because she is 'too beautiful', she will reward you with the Missing Page.

In my first test game, I experienced the dialogue and obtained the Missing Page. I did not save the result, however, as I was testing another situation at the time. When I reloaded the game, I forgot about the dialogue with Alicia..

The odd part of this experience is that I never experienced the dialogue again after reloading the game. I was not aware of this until I entered the 2nd Generation without the Missing Page for the Fireball Spellbook.

This apparently was some odd programming in an older version of the game. In the final retail version, the Request Event appears only in the 2nd Generation. If Alicia is your mother, the Request will occur but be worded a little differently. She will ask you if she is a good mother instead of asking why she is not married yet.

Note: The entire 'mother/child' dialogue is published in another post on this site.


gamermom said...

Hello Freyashawk,

I am an older gamer mom. My son got me addicted to Rune Factory and Rune Factory 2. I really enjoy all your guides to the Harvest Moon series.
Here's my experience with Alicia. In the 1st generation I got Alicia to 10 Friend points but never got her to 10 Heart points. In the 2nd generation, I got her to 10 friendship points and then I got that dialog and sequence where you get the missing page for the Fireball spell. I'm 100% sure it happened for me in the 2nd generation because I was very surprised that she would talk to a young kid like that. But that's Alicia, I guess. LOL!
Keep up the great work that you do.
Wishing you a happy New Year!

Freyashawk said...

Thank you, Gamermom. It is a mystery. I definitely experienced the little dialogue and received the Missing Page in the 1st Generation, but then replayed without saving and never experienced it again. I'll have to see if I can trigger it in the
2nd Generation in my current game. I can't imagine how, though, as Alicia is my character's mother in this game, so any dialogue as to why Alicia never married would be bizarre!

Freyashawk said...

I intended to add: Thank you for writing and for your kind wishes. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Freyashawk--I have a bad memory. Is there some way to tell whether you have ever received the extra page for the spell book? I mean, does the description change or something? Or do you have the actual extra page separate from the book? I'm still in 1st gen (waiting for some slow crops to mature before going on). Thanks! --Jen

Nathan O'Riley said...

I've never come across that request at all. And I've already done her date at Padova Mts. with her Crystal Ball quest waiting for me on the board. I figured that since it involved a missing page, you could only get it in 2nd Gen when you collect the other magic pages for the spellbooks.

Part of what makes me hesitate to marry Alicia is to avoid that confusion about her asking her own child why she's not married.

Happy New Year~

(And my birthday's tomorrow, yay.)

Anonymous said...

I got the missing page for fireball from her in Gen2 also. I'm curious what she would have done if you didn't say because she was beautiful, but I image like most choices made in the game it would have somehow made no difference. I'm currently missing the second page for the water spell and I'm wondering if I have skipped it somehow as I'm pretty far along in the game.


Freyashawk said...

Thanks to every one for posting their experiences. Jen: The Missing Pages are items like any other items and must be stored in your Rucksack or in your Shelf until you take them to Mana WITH the Spellbook to have it repaired. The Spellbooks only change colour when they have been repaired. Otherwise, you will see the Missing Pages as separate items.

Happy Birthday to Nathan O'Riley!!!

Freyashawk said...

Dagon69, Missing Pages are given as rewards for completing requests by Barrett, Ceci, Alicia, Yue, Douglas, Gordon, Max, Natalie, Ray, Tanya... if you want all the pages, you basically need to complete almost every character's Requests.

Water Laser final page comes from one of Tanya's Trials.

nminh92nd said...

I really appriciate your work. Your hark-working really helps me a lot. Thank to this post, I know more about the Missing Pages. I decide to marry Yue or Mana instead, so I just can test whether Alicia will give me the Fireball Spellbook's Missing Pages.
By the way, thank for the update for your guild on IGN. If you need help (especially about the 1st Generation), I'll be willing to help, because I'll stick to the 1st Genaration until I attend to the first wedding anyway. Just want to experience that^^.
Sorry for not giving comment to your post soon as I promised. My computer was broken down.
Keep up your good work.

Anonymous said...

If I'm thinking correctly, if you marry Alicia, she gives you this missing page as a thank you. When her friend level is at 3, she requests to talk to you. You go to talk to her and she asks you if she is a good mother or not. You can tell that she is, or you're not sure. If you do those, she will give you a missing page for Fireball. If you say she's not, she gets upset and completely forgets the page. This only happened to me in the second generation and I thought it was a very randomly placed quest. Maybe if she isn't your mother you get the "why am I not married" quest instead? I'm not sure, but I thought I'd just say that's what happened to me.

Freyashawk said...

Yes, thanks, Anon. This is an old post. In a later post, I copied out the entire 'mother/child' request event between Alicia and my character.