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Finding Characters during Requests in Rune Factory 2

This information is included in my General Guide and my Requests Guide as well, but perhaps is worth a post here.

Every character in Rune Factory 2, both in the 1st and in the 2nd Generation, has a set schedule of movements. As in any Harvest Moon game, locations may vary according to the day of the week, the time of day and the weather. I have added some of this information to my Characters Guide and intend to add ALL of it as time permits.

Meanwhile, however, this information is not really as important as it may be in other Harvest Moon games simply because there is a character in Rune Factory 2 who is willing to tell you the current location of ANY individual in Alvarna! Alicia's fortune-telling skills include the option to discover the current location of any character for 20G. In many cases, you will get two or three locations for the price of one, as some characters are grouped together in her locations menu.

This can be particularly useful during a Request situation when characters may NOT be in their usual location simply because the nature of the Request requires that the individual be somewhere else.

For example, when Natalie asks for a housesitter, the fact that she is out and about gathering rare herbs means that she will not be in her usual location.

Here is the Event from my game journal:
Natalie’s Request
Natalie: I need to prepare some medicine, so I need some wild herbs.
Me: You want me to collect them? But the posting said…
Natalie: It’s an herb that’s hard to spot, so it’d be too difficult for you, Freyr. I’ll go and get it, but could you watch over the clinic while I’m gone? Ray and Dorothy are also here, but I’d feel better if I knew you were keeping an eye on things.
Me: (with tear): (I don’t think I’m any more responsible than Ray, but if it makes Natalie feel better…)
Natalie: Will you watch over the place for me?
Me: Well, okay, but… What should I do if a patient comes?
Natalie: I won’t be long, so you shouldln’t have to worry, but if a patient comes, just tell them to wait.
She strides out at once.
I turn to face the door.
Me: She’s gone… I wish she had at least told me where she was going… Anyway, what am I going to do if someone with an emergency comes? Oh, Dorothy is here, so maybe it’ll be okay.
Dorothy: No… no way! I’m just an apprentice nurse. A nurse can’t do a medical examination, anyway!
Me: Really?
Dorothy; Yes… So, um, if something happens…
Me: If something happens, I should go get Dr. Natalie?
Cammy enters now.
Cammy: Whaaaaaa! Whaaaaa! My stomach hurts!!!
Me: Cammy! Are you okay?
Cammy: Ow! It hurts! Hey, where’s the doctor?
Me: Uh, she’s out at the moment.
Cammy: What?! But my stomach hurts!!!! Whaaaa! Whaaaa!
Me: Uh, wait just a minute. I’ll go get her right now.
Cammny: Okay…
Me: (I’d better find the doctor while the clinic is still open, or this will be serious! Gotta hurry!)
The quickest way to find Natalie is by asking Alicia for a Location reading.
She will tell you: Natalie is in Messhina Valley – Serene Garden.
Natalie is near the river on the screen with the Buffamoo where there are two garden plots.
Natalie: Oh, Freyr, is it an emergency?
Me: Yes. Cammy says her stomach hurts.
Natalie: Oh dear, that’s awful. Let’s hurry back.
Me: Okay.
Go back to the Clinic. You’ll have to speak to Natalie to continue the Event.
Natalie: Ok, Cammy. Let’s see how you’re doing. Does it hurt here?
Cammy: No, that feels okay.
Natalie: How about here?
Cammy: Ough! That hurts!
Natalie: Okay. You’re fine. You just ate too much. You’ll feel better in a little while.
Cammny: Really? Oh, good! I was so worried since it hurt so much.
Natalie: What did you eat?
Cammy: Popcorn, pancakes, and then apple juice with a steamed jellyroll cake.
Natalie: No wonder! Of course your stomach will hurt after pigging out like that! Why did you east so much?
Cammie: I had a fight with Roy and I got so mad I just ate everything.
Natalie: Binge eating… You’re about 10 years too young for that sort of thing.
Cammy: Really?
Natalie: Yes. No more overeating, okay?
Cammy: Okay. Thank you, doctor! My stomach feels better now, so I’m going back home.
She leaves.
Me: Great job once again, Natalie.
Ntalie: Well, it was an easy diagnosis. The problem usually is something simple.
Me: Huh. Live and learn.
Sorry to take so much of your time. But, thanks to you, I found the hearbs I needed. Thank you! Here’s a token of my appreciation.
You got: 300G!
Me: Thank you very much. By the way, Natalie, how can you go to a place with so many monsters?
Natalie: Oh, my scalpel has some very serious enchantments on it. No monsters would dare mess with me.
Me: Oh, really?
Natalie: Yes. It’s incredibly sharp. You can tell that Tanya made it.
It’s so rare, even the royal doctors of Norad are envious of it.
Me: Wow, that’s really something.
Natalie: I think she spends a little too much time with swords, but she certainly is talented.
Me: Yes.
Natalie: Thank you for your help today. I couldn’t have done it without you.
If I speak to her again after:
Natalie: Next time you have a bad injury, Freyr, I’ll fix you up for free, okay?
Me: Sounds good1 I’ll try to be careful not to get hurt in the first place, though.


Nathan O'Riley said...

Haha, I liked that quest for its bits on Cammy's bingeing and the scalpel.

I remember when I did Byron's quest to find Barrett for him and I couldn't find him. So I asked Alicia and Barrett turned out to be in the Eastern District which I had checked. He was near that harbor thingy. He blended in pretty well, so I couldn't see him the first time... Heh.

Freyashawk said...

I need to mention the tendency of certain characters to be almost hidden from view in my Guide, actually.

Aren't the dialogues incredible in this game? There are so many little amusing moments.

Nathan O'Riley said...

Tell me about it! I find amusement in the description they have for Green Grass ("working hard to gain individuality after being called plain for so long") and what Player says when he (somehow) hooks a rock.

Not to mention, you can find interest when you scroll over in "Forgery" in the Levels section and it says, "Tanya is said to be Level 99."

Life is all about the little things, as my mother always says...

Freyashawk said...

I originally intended to write very basic Cookbook and Items List Guides, simply giving the essential information such as ingredients and shipping values. When I began to take 'Classes' in school, though, I realised I wanted to include the actual text in the Cookbook Guide... As for the items, who could not be amused by descriptions such as:
Green Pepper: Often disliked because of its bitter taste. It is easily depressed because of this.

So now I am working on an Items List Guide that will include actual descriptions...

Anonymous said...

After reading through the requests I found one was missing for Rosalind between the 5th heart event and her special proposal event in the first generation in which I found the request to give her a Golden Cabbage for a reward of 20000G if I remember correctly. Since I didn't have axcess to Palmero Shrine she said to talk to Max in his bedroom. Could you shed some light on how to catch Max in his bedroom, as I went into the house every hour it was open when it was raining and sunny. Thanks.

Alisha said...

After reading your heart request guide, I noticed between the 5th and special proposal item of Rosalind I got a request for a Golden Cabbage with a reward for 20000G if I remember right. Since I don't have axcess to Palmero Shrine she said to talk to Max in his room. I entered the house every hour when it was open when it was sunny and rainy and Max wasn't in his room. Could you shed some light on this thanks.
P.S. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into these guides, I have read almost everyone of them except for the PSP and anything older than a nintendo 64 they are a great help.

Freyashawk said...

I do apologise for having neglected to include that Request in the Courtship and Marriage Guide. I have the full text of it in my game journals and added it now to the Guide but created a new post on this site as well for you.

The 'Gold Cabbage' in the 1st Generation is one of the unique Request items that can be obtained only from a single source: Max. You must enter his room AFTER HOURS. This means that you have to have a good relationship with the de Sainte-Coquille family in order to be able to enter the house after 9.00 p.m.

Freyashawk said...

There are times when Max is in his room at other hours as well, for example, on rainy days.