Monday, December 1, 2008

Easy Lesson for Cooking in Rune Factory 2

Having vowed to myself that I would not spend any more time on videos, I somehow persuaded myself that a little tutorial to help players obtain all the upgrades necessary for Cooking and Forging as well as a brief lesson in completing a successful dish might be useful. Here is Freyashawk'e Easy Cooking tutorial:

Much has been added to my Rune Factory 2 General Guide in terms of 2nd Generration information. The updated version should be published shortly.


Synth said...

Can you learn new recipes simply by trying, or do you need to know a recipe before you can prepare the dish?

As a jokingly side note: What do they have a mayor for if he can't even build a school and it takes a memoryless foreigner and his child to build it and expand it? I demand an election! :D

Freyashawk said...

I do believe you must have learned the 'Lesson' before you can create a Recipe successfully. The fact that Lessons are taught daily (except on Holidays) means that there really is no reason why you wouldn't have the Recipe! Three or four Recipes are taught in each Lesson and you can ask for two Lessons from each teacher daily. That means two in Cooking and two in Forging: a total of 4 Lessons per day.

I'll try to make something before I have taken a Lesson if I can. (I am so conscientious in HM games that I had all the easy recipes in a few days.)

As for the Mayor, well, he has an excuse for that which he will tell your character when you first speak of building a School: there have been so few children in Alvarna that they always were home-schooled in the past! It is only when all your Rivals have children and you have one as well that there are enough children to justify an actual School.

Freyashawk said...

Synth, I tried to see if there was any way to cook without an actual Recipe. There isn't. Whenever you place an ingredient or ingredients in the Cooking Box, the success percentage rate appears below it. If you have not chosen any Recipe from your Cookbook, the success rate is zero.
You need to go to the Cookbook page and highlight an actual Recipe before you will have any Success Rate above zero!

Synth said...

Thank you for your answers.
It was really just a wondering whether or not we can cook recipeless, but as you said, there's really no need to do that.
As for the mayor, it's really cool that they added that piece of text.
I sort of consider the main character in IoH as a mayor, as it's s/he who pays for all the roads, bridges and in the end gets to rename the whole island :)

Freyashawk said...

I think the Main Character in IoH actually is recognised as the de facto Mayor at the end in the 100% completion event. I posted a video of that Event.

You really cannot cook at ALL without the Recipes in RF2. I tried to cook a Rice Ball by simply chucking rice into the Cooking Box and not adding the actual Recipe. I had more than sufficient cooking skills to make it 100% successful WHEN the Recipe was included, but without the Recipe, there was 0% Success Rate.

All you need to obtain the Recipe is to take the Lesson from Mana or Barrett. There are a few special recipes given in the Caves as well.

It is not obtaining the Recipe that is the challenge in this game, but attaining the requisite Skill Levels. Although you can make an item successfully even with a 30% success rate by trying again and again until you DO succeed at that rate (results always random below 100%), you NEVER will succeed when the success rate is 0%. For any of the better weapons, that will be the success rate if you do not increase your Skills.

Incidentally, ingredients for Cooking are wasted if you fail as they become Failed Dishes, but ingredients for forged items are not wasted when you fail. They simply are returned to your inventory. What is used of course is HP.

Anonymous said...

You can forge without the recipe, I did. The percentage said 0 but it still worked. It was for the lion waterpot.

I also made a rice ball but I didn't have the recipe, even though I'd already learned it from Mana, it wasn't listed.

Freyashawk said...

Anon, you are correct. This is an old post. Obviously, every basic weapon is upgraded without a Recipe and there is an accessory that you can make without a recipe. My guides include the 'Recipes' that only appear in the list AFTER you have made them.
This guide-writing is becoming too onerous. I don't know if I have listed Rice Ball or not... I'm working on Sunshine Islands now...