Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve from Freyashawk and Jingle

I moved forward in time a little to make this video about Jingle's visit on Christmas Eve in Animal Crossing City Folk.

The rules with respect to finding Jingle and obtaining more than one gift from him have changed a little from the original Animal Crossing. He now may be found in ANY darkened house as well as anywhere outside. You cannot expect to trick him simply by changing outfits either. You need to use different accessories, which actually adds to the fun. I felt I was playing a Masquerade game along with the 'hide-and-seek' that is part of the encounter with almost any Special Visitor in Animal Crossing.

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sister dew said...

It's a little bit late, but Merry Christmas Freya! Hope Jingle brought you everything you were hoping for!

As for me, Serena got a lovely Christmas surprise on Sunny Island (even though it's currently the middle of Summer!) She finally raised her future husband Shea to 8 hearts and experienced his 'who's the strongest?' heart event. The next time she spoke to him, he told her that he was 'so happy' and wished that she could stay at his and Wada's hut all the time! She's getting extremely impatient to marry him now, but I'm insisting she sees all the bachelor's proposal events first. I've already temporarily married her off to Elliot and Denny, while Vaughan and Pierre are both at 9 hearts each, so it shouldn't take much longer. Incidentally, Mark is only at blue heart level. I know I should wait a while to experience his last heart event, but he takes SO LONG to impress and I think even Serena's patience may run out - she's been single for over 2 years now!