Friday, December 5, 2008

Deceptive Harvest Moon Trivia Quiz

In Rune Factory 2, you can unlock new areas of each of the four seasonal Caves/Dungeons in the 2nd Generation either by simply slipping through the gates that were impassable in the 1st Generation or by satisfying the specific requirements given by each of the Altars/Stone Guardians that act as barriers.

The requirements for each Altar/Stone Guardian differ. In some cases, a request for a specified number of items will be made in the form of a riddle. In others, it is simply a matter of defeating a given number of Monsters at a certain location. In one case, though, you will be given a Rune Factory 2 trivia quiz.

The four trivia questions are deceptively simple but if you are a veteran Harvest Moon player, rather ironically, you will be more likely to give the wrong answers than a player who never played any game other than Rune Factory 2.

the first two questions are the trickiest. The third may give a little trouble if players have too many conflicting memories as well. The fourth is the only one that is straightforward.

Question 1. What is the name of the Event in the fourth week of Summer?
A. Dance Festival
B. Harvest Festival
C. Flower Festival
D. Fishing Festival

Question 2. This one is easy! Which none of thses cannot be grown in Summer?
A. Tomato
B. Corn
C. Onion
D. Eggplant

Question 3. Fireflies can be seen in Summer. What time do they normally come out?

A. 6 p.m.
B. 7 p.m.
C. 10 p.m.
D. 1 a.m.

Question 4. Two monsters can be found at Blessia Island - Clifftop during the day. They are Flower Lion and...?
A. Goblin Don
B. Chipsqueek
C. Troll
D. Goblin Gangster

For those who are unfamiliar with the Calendar in Rune Factory 2, the Festivals that are the choices in Question 1 occur as follows:
19 Summer: Dance Festival
13 Autumn: Harvest Festival
13 Spring: Flower Festival
25 Summer: Fishing Contest

Why then is this question tricky? If a player remembers the peculiarity of Rune Factory's Calendar, there won't be any problem. If, however, he/she thinks in terms of a 7 day Week, the answer will be wrong.

As for the second Question, I remarked upon this in a previous post when I first began to play Rune Factory 2. The traditional Harvest Moon seasons for Crops have been altered in Rune Factory 2. Two of the Crops given as choices here ARE Summer Crops in every Harvest Moon game, including Rune Factory 2. The other two are assigned to a different season in Rune Factory 2 from the one they ordinarily would be assigned in other Harvest Moon games. That is why the answer to Question 2 will be easier for some one who never played any other Harvest Moon game!

When you answer all four questions correctly, the barrier will dissolve and you will be given another fragment of the Stone Tablet.

Incidentally, for all those players who have asked why Barrett fails to react when you bring him all the fragments to any Stone Tablet, it is because you need to have all the fragments of ALL four Stone Tablets...

There is a section in my General Guide that deals with the Altars/Stone Guardians in each of the four Caves. It is incomplete but should be completed by tomorrow. There is so much information to add. Rune Factory 2 is one of the largest Harvest Moon games in terms of information. I am trying very hard to complete the Caves and Bestiary sections of the Guide now and I am adding a section that lists all War Trophies with the Monster(s) who provide them and their locations. I hope to add a detailed description of each screen, the Monsters and items found on each, as well as the locations of every Altar/Stone Guardian.


Anonymous said...

Really? all of the fragments? i just have 5 terstie forest fragments and 2 blessia island fragments, 2 Mt. Padova fragments. maybe you should make the FaQ/guide for this?

Freyashawk said...

Anon, some of this information IS in a section of my General Guide, and I am adding information daily. I hope to have all Altar/Stone Guardian information completed in time for tomorrow's updates. I intend to add a similar section to the Caves and Bestiary Guide as well.

My General Guide for any Harvest Moon game contains information about ALL aspects of the game ultimately. It does take time to WRITE the guides, however. I'd rather do it properly, using information from my own game journals instead of using unconfirmed information from other sources.