Saturday, December 27, 2008

Catching the Sunsquid in Rune Factory 2

Fried Sunsquid is Orland's special Birthday Gift item in the 2nd Generation in Rune Factory 2. Sunsquid is not the most common fish. When I first wrote this post, I had been able to find it only at one location. Here is a little video:

At that point in time, I still was very involved in the actual PLOT, slaying dragons, unlocking the final Underground Shrines and so on... Now I have more so-called 'leisure' to fish and make certain I haven't missed ANY varieties of Monsters in terms of adding them both to the Monster Barn and to my Guides...

The fact of the matter is that Sunsquid can be caught in a few locations, including West Beach on Blessia Island (as two readers pointed out) and indeed when fishing from the Dock in Alvarna. The better the Fishing Rod, the more likely it is that you will catch one, I daresay, although even with the best Fishing Rod in the game, you still will catch more common fish than rare ones.

The 'location' in terms of where your character STANDS as well as general location can be critical where fishing is concerned. In many areas, standing in one position will allow you to catch only Rocks or Branches while standing in a different place will allow you to catch a rare variety of fish. The Pond is one example of this...

I now have added a 'Fishing Locations' section both to my General Guide and to my Items List Guide for Rune Factory 2. All guides for Rune Factory 2 remain 'works in progress'. (I wonder how long I will be stating THAT fact! This game is enormous.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Freyashawk,

Thanks for the tip about the sunsquid, I was thinking about courting Orland too. ;D However, I was able to find it in another place, Blessia Island - West Beach. It was at about 9 in the evening, and I had an Intermediate Pole with level 35 Fishing.

I love your guides! Keep it up. :)

Sugarymoon said...

i too found sunsquid in the same place.but i used the rod that can charge until the 2nd.(i forgot which one,the one made with silver)
i was a bit earlier than her after 6 pm.
i just waste a sunsquid.actually i throw it away :(
now that you said it is rare i feel down now.i just didn't have space for it.
Thanks always for your great guides! ^_^

Freyashawk said...

Thanks, guys. Actually, Sunsquid can be caught from the Dock in Alvarna as well. I do believe that you are more likely to catch any rare fish if you are using the best fishing rod.

I have added a 'Fishing Locations' section both to my Rune Factory 2General Guide and Items List Guide. As with all the guides for Rune Factory 2, they remain 'works in progress' but I am spending a bit more time fishing now and should be able to explore all locations fully in the next few days.

Anonymous said...

hi, i know this might be too late, but when i was looking sunsquid for orland, i was shocked because I catched an fall flounder in blessia island - sandy path

sorry for bad english & thanks for the guides.. ^^