Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Walkthrough for the 4th Floor of the Snow Ruins

Path to the Stairway to the 5th Floor

The fourth floor introduces you to a new element in the form of elevated walkways that traverse the level. When you first enter the fourth floor via the isolated stairway, you will find yourself on one of these elevated paths. Two ramps lead downward to the main floor. One is located at the northern end of the walkway and the other is at the southern end.

Take the southern ramp to the west to find yourself in a peaceful antechamber with exits to the west and south.

Take the exit in the south and you will find yourself in an ice chamber with an ice ramp that leads upwards to a platform containing a swiveling Cannon, an Eye Generator, a Treasure Chest and two arches. Hunter Wolves and Buffazoos guard this area.

Continue south from the platform along an elevated walkway to find another platform that is a dead end and south of it, two ice ramps descending to the east and to the west.

(If you descend to the east, all you will find is the Generator that spawns the Buffazoo.)

If you go west instead, you will see a Generator that spawns a Minotaur and Hunter Wolves. A Mini-Dragon encased in ice bars access to a sliding door in the west.. Destroy the Mini-Dragon in ice and go west through the sliding door to a narrow corridor with branching paths that go directly west or north.

Unlocking the 4th Floor Shortcut

If you go west, you will find a sliding door. Go through it to unlock the 4th floor entrance to the shortcut stairway.

If, after going through the sliding door west of the Mini-Dragon, you go north instead, the path will turn to the west, then take you north along a narrow corridor.

(The first exit to the west leads to a peaceful chamber. You will see two white urns along the northern wall. The chamber contains three tillable fields, two with two plots and one with four as well as three rocks that can be smashed for ores/gems.
It is a dead end.)

Return to the narrow corridor and as you continue north, you will encounter a swiveling cannon unless you destroyed its arch previously. North past the cannon's position, ice will frost the floor. You will arrive at a junction.

If you go west here, you will come to an Eye Generator and its arch. You MUST destroy this Eye Generator if you wish to be able to proceed through the next sliding door.

Go northeast afterwards to find yourself in a small ice chamber with a swiveling cannon and its arch. An ice ramp leads upward west of the cannon to an elevated walkway covered with ice.

Take the pathway where it leads, first south, then west, then north to a ramp that descends to the main floor. It is a small area with a Monster Generator that spawns two Hunter Wolves in the elbow of the walkway.

In the north is a sliding door. Go through it to find a narrow corridor free from ice that leads north, west, then north again to an area guarded by Blood Panthers. You will not find the Generator that spawns them until you ascend a ramp at the north end of the path to arrive at a platform that spans the eastern side of the corridor. On this platform, you will find the Generator that spawns the Blood Panthers as well as a swiveling Cannon and its arch. Two white urns are located near a ramp that goes downward to the east.

When you take the ramp downward, you will find yourself again on the main floor. The platform to your west actually cuts a chamber in half and the narrow corridor with the Blood Panthers constituted the western half of the chamber. Go north to find a Monster Generator that spawns a Buffazoo. Near the northern wall, you will find two rocks that can be smashed for ores/gems and an exit that leads east.

Go east along a narrow passage to arrive at a peaceful chamber with two tillable fields, each consisting of four plots as well as 2 white urns. The only exit is in the southwest. Take it and go south along a brief narrow passage to a large area free of Monsters. (An ice ramp to the right leads upward to the east.) Ignore the ice ramp if you wish to find your way to the 5th floor as the stairway to the 5th floor is at the southern end of this area.

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