Monday, June 29, 2009

Quick Video Guide to Ores, Little Crystals and Fish

Having made a very trivial video about Mist's costume dream in Rune Factory Frontier, I attempted to expiate this by creating a video tutorial on what may be some of most useful information possible, at least for any one interested in forging Tools, Weapons and making Accessories.

Here is my 'Quick Guide to Ores and Little Crystals'. I regret to admit that it was NOT quick to make... I began with stills but realised that the quality was poor and that it might be difficult for players to recognise the locations. Not having a tripod or any device that woiuld allow me to point the camera while I continued to play the game, I captured a lot of rather shaky footage with Freyr embarking upon virtual suicide every time I had to use a control. This was not satisfactory either. I finally rigged up a very precarious 'tower' of boxes and tins upon which I was able to perch the camera for very brief intervals until the entire structure came crashing to the ground.

Too much raw footage meanwhile brought my laptop almost to a standstill... Finally, YouTube's time limitations forced me to jettison the little film about the Tower of Rebirth. Much to my surprise, however, the video uploaded successfully on the first try. So here it is:

(The cost in AA Batteries was ENORMOUS, by the way, between those used for the Wii controls and the camera. After all this, I hope it IS useful.)

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