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Pathway to the 7th Floor of the Snow Ruins

Path to Stairway to 7th Floor

When you descend to the 6th floor, you will find yourself in an area covered with thick ice. Two Tricky Mucks will confront you instantly as well as a swiveling cannon in the north. The arch for the cannon is next to it, but two Arch Demons await you there. Two the north of the Arch Demons is the Generator that spawns them and east of that, another swiveling cannon. The east side of this area is dominated by two Mini-Dragons.
Your own exit is in the northwest, along a narrow corridor crammed with Tricky Mucks and arch Demons. The generator that spawns them is at the northern end of this corridor where you will find a ramp that leads to an elevated walkway. Ascend and move south along the walkway, which is guarded by Tricky Mucks. At the southern end of the walkway is the Generator that spawns the Tricky Mucks. To the right is a ramp that leads downwards back to the main floor in the east.
A single Treasure Chest is tucked into an ‘elbow’ of the walkway. To the northeast are two Mini-Dragons in an area that contains both real Treasure Chests and Gobble Boxes.
The Generator that spawns the Monsters is to the east below the southern wall of a walkway in the north. From the position of the actual Monsters (Dragons and such), find a little path that skirts the northern wall of the dungeon and leads east. Here you will find a ramp that ascends to the elevated walkway. Go south along the walkway, then east to a ramp that leads downwards to an area in the east that actually is an elevated walkway at a lower level. Here the floor is covered with ice and a crack bisects it from east to west. In the north, you will be confronted by two Soul Monsters and in the south by Arch Demons. You will be able to skirt the crack in the floor to reach the southern half of this area where you will find a narrow walkway that leads first west, then north where it ends in a ramp that descends to the main floor. Here there is little space, as there are many walkways above you. Go instantly to the northern wall and journey west past Tricky Mucks. You will see that the floor here is bisected with another crack that runs from north to south. Skirt the edges of the crack at the southern tip and continue west past a Monster Generator. When you go north again to the west of the crack, you will see another Monster Generator as well as the stairway that leads to the 7th and lowest floor.

To find the elusive Micro-Dragon, go to a chamber in the southeast corner of the 6th floor containing tillable fields and two white urns. On the northern outside wall of this chamber is a Monster Generator. When it is activated, a Micro-Dragon will spawn in the chamber with the tillable fields.

Outside this chamber is a swiveling cannon as well as Souls, so be careful!

The 7th Floor of the Snow Ruins

The 7th Floor of the Snow Ruins is easy to navigate. From the position of the stairway in the north, simply walk south down a narrow corridor to find a peaceful chamber that contains one large tillable field with eight plots. A water source in this chamber is an excellent fishing location. To the south of the field is a sliding door that needs to be unlocked. Walk through it, then walk south down the narrow corridor to reach the very end of the shortcut stairway, giving you easy access to the 7th floor in the future.
If, instead of going through the sliding door in the south, you walk east from the chamber with the tillable field, you will find yourself in a small ice chamber. There is a single door in the north. Press ‘A’ and you will see a prompt:
Freyr: I can feel something powerful up ahead…
Your choices now:
I should turn back.
Let’s go!
This is the lair of the Ice Snake, an ‘optional’ Boss Monster as its defeat does not affect the main story. Its Tongue is a very useful item, as it is an ingredient in many Recipes.

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