Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tabatha, Abdication of a Queen

Tabatha's 'Story' in Rune Factory Frontier involves quite a few Events. I was unable to squeeze them all into a single video and thus have created a two-part sequence entitled 'Tabatha, Abdication of a Queen'.

Here is Part I, consisting of all the Events that lead up to the Coronation:

Here is Part II of 'Abdication of a Queen', consisting primarily of the ultimate Coronation Event:

The character of Tabatha, especially in her persona as a traditional Victorian ladies' maid, is one that appears in many contemporary Japanese RPGs. The role and style appear to have a particular fascination for the Japanese. A couple of years ago, I read an article that described a current fad in Japan for teahouses and clubs that specialised in Victorian maids. Tabatha takes it to another level, however, when she chooses to abdicate her natural position as ruler of an ancient race in order to serve as a maid. She may speak of acting as a 'bridge' between humankind, elves, dwarves and monsters but there is more to it than that. Her utter devotion to the rather shallow, immature Bianca is an exercise in selflessness. There are many ancient tales of a superior being who voluntarily chooses a position of subservience to a lesser being. In many cases, it is a Goddess who solicits the position of servant or slave to a human ruler.

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