Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Quest for Little Crystals in Rune Factory Frontier

Little Crystals, in Rune Factory Frontier, no longer are War Trophies knocked out of defeated Monsters as they were in previous Rune Factory games. They are extremely important, however, as they form one of the basic ingredients in almost every high level Tool and Weapon. Although they can be obtained randomly in Rocks where Ores and Gems can be found, it is easiest to find them in the twin Chambers of the various Towers that dominate the upper levels of Whale Island.

What I have discovered from endless exploration of these Towers is that the Level of the Little Crystal does appear to be determined by its location. As with the contents of any Treasure Chest, the appearance of the Little Crystal is random, but it is consistent enough to make the journey worthwhile.

The twin Chambers in the Tower of Life require Grass Rune Stones and it is in these Treasure Chests that Level 2 Little Crystals can be found randomly. This is the easiest and quickest Tower to access once you have created the rope shortcut from the Whale Island Cave.

The twin Chambers in the Tower of Birth are unlocked by any type of Rune Stone. In the Treasure Chests within, you can find Level 1 Little Crystals randomly.

It is within the Treasure Chests in the Tower of Glory that Level 8 Little Crystals are found.

Level 4 Little Crystals are found in the Tower of Rebirth. The Treasure Chests there tend to yield Fire Crystals and Gold as well as Energy Drink X.

I have not found any Little Crystals in the Tower of Plenty yet. Treasure Chests there tend to yield Earth Crystals and Gold as well as Energy Drink X.

I have no doubt that Little Crystals can be found in all the Towers at the top of Whale Island even though the Tower of Plenty has not given one to me.

Another location where I never found a single Little Crystal is the single locked Chamber inside the Cave of Whale Island near the entrance to the Fin. The three Treasure Chests there never have yielded one Little Crystal.

If any player can confirm the level of the Little Crystals found in any other location, I would be most interested... but for players who are searching for a high level Little Crystal, their best course may be to visit the twin Chambers in the Tower of Glory.

Little Crystals of every level can be found randomly by using a Hammer on rocks in dungeons. The ultimate Hammer, The Hammer, yields better items sometimes than the lesser Hammers but even so, the Treasure Chests in the Towers are a more reliable source.

Another discovery I have made, and I think it is more than coincidence, is that certain Rock formations tend to yield only Scrap Iron more than others. Formations where interesting or valuable items tend to be found tend to yield valuable items again and again.

Players tend to be aware of the specific locations where certain Ores, such as Silver, Gold and Platinum almost always can be found. For example, the little chamber in the Green Ruins on the 1st Floor behind the smooth square stones almost always yields at least one piece of Silver Ore. The area in front of the lair of the Boss Monster and minions in the Lava Ruins usually yields one piece of Gold Ore and there is a specific formation on the 2nd floor of the Snow Ruins in a chamber with Shadow Panthers that almost always yields Platinum. It was in the formation on the lowest floor of the Lava Ruins that usually yields Gold that I found a Little Crystal one day. Sadly, it was a Level 1 Little Crystal.

An Anonymous poster reminded me that you obtain a Little Crystal by defeating the Giant Squid of Whale Island. This information is included in my actual Guides in the section that deals with the Whale Island Boss... after doing so, the Whale will present you with a Level 1 Little Crystal. Rather disappointing, to be honest... As the Giant Squid requires advanced Skill and Experience Levels to defeat, however, I felt that information about the Little Crystals that could be found simply by opening Treasure Chests would be more helpful to any player who still was in the process of trying to upgrade Weapons and Tools...


Anonymous said...

Although I've only found it once and highly discourage anyone from getting their hopes high, I found a level one Little Crystal in one of the treasure chests on BF3 of the Lava Ruins, the room with the Summers.

Freyashawk said...

Ah, thanks, Anon. I do believe that the twin Chambers in the Whale Island Towers are the easiest and most reliable sources but it would be interesting to document each formation in a dungeon that has yielded one. And yours was a Level 1 as well? Again, better to visit the Tower of Glory for a Level 8 Little Crystal.

Any one find a Level 10 Little Crystal anywhere?

Anonymous said... forgot to mention that you can get one after beating the whale island boss

Freyashawk said...

Anon, yes, you are correct and indeed, the information is in my Guides... but it's a Level 1 Little Crystal and FAR MORE DIFFICULT to obtain than simply opening the Treasure Chests.

Joanna said...

I found one in a rock formation at the beginning of Whale Cave, after the rope shortcut, the gate that spawns 2 Goblins and an Ant. I'm not sure what level it was, may have been 2.
I also found one in the Lava Ruins outside the Boss chamber. That one was level 7 I believe.
I haven't yet gotten any from Tower of Plenty either.

Joanna said...

Tower of Plenty gave me a Level 4 Little Crystal.

Freyashawk said...

Joanna, are you completely certain that it was the Tower of Plenty? I've never known any of the Tower Treasure Chests to vary in level and it's the Tower of Rebirth that yields Level 4 Little Crystals.

Joanna said...

Yup yup. Cause I was super surprised and double checked where I was.

Freyashawk said...

Okay, Joanna. Thanks for confirming. I confess I am surprised. In countless visits, I never found any Little Crystals in Tower of Plenty and never imagined that they would be the same level as those found in another Tower! How odd! I'll amend my guides accordingly when I have time. Right now, I'm snowed under with Sunshine Islands, trying to meet the release date so that my guides will be ready on IGN.

Alrud said...

Hi Frey im a new one playing rune frontier for a medium period of time and i defeated the giant squid and the spirit of whale,s island give me a little cristal level one i saw your guide and the other two crystal i got so far are in the tower of birth they are both level 1 so my question for you if i defeat the giant squid again, the spirit of whale island can give another litle cristal? its so boring to get them

adamator said...

well, i really think that the highest percentage is the tower of life. i went to the tower of glory about 20 times with no luck, but in the tower of life i got it on my first try. i would recommend going there for tools because you can just use scrap iron to upgrade them.

crystalsouls said...

I'd take the time to mention the chests in the gardens have a chance of dropping crystals too. It's a pretty decent chance if you're up for the fight to get them. These crystals tend to be higher level than the ones behind the rune doors too. I found a lvl 3 in the Tower of Life gardens, and a lvl 9 in the tower of glory gardens - got killed by a cone right after :( this is the only location besides mining that I've found to drop higher than level 8 crystals.

Freyashawk said...

Thanks for mentioning that, Crystalsouls. I haven't time to update Rune Factory Frontier at the moment, but definitely am not finished with the guides! And that is worth mentioning!