Saturday, June 27, 2009

Selphy and the 'Tapir'

Selphy is one of my favourite characters in Rune Factory Frontier. With her extraordinary dramatic sense of high fashion, an aristocratic background poorly disguised and, above all, her obsession with books, she is a woman after my own heart. Her elastic sense of morality may be slightly disturbing at times, but after all, aristocrats ALWAYS have demonstrated colossal indifference where creditors are concerned and in this respect, Selphy only follows an old tradition. Finally, it is only for the sake of BOOKS and more BOOKS that Selphy goes into debt or shows a less than perfect regard for ownership considerations with respect to the 'Library books' of Trampoli. If one is to place one's eternal soul in jeapardy, surely there can be no nobler cause than that of education and reading...?

This video was extremely difficult to make. I ordinarily capture EVERY bit of trivial dialogue in screenshots and clips but the pivotal dialogue with Selphy occurred when I was preoccupied with a different quest. Unknowing, I saved my game without capturing it on film, assuming it would occur again and again, as most ordinary dialogues do and NEVER again experienced it.

I would like to thank both Mars-Frog and ILuvHM for their determined attempts to obtain the little dialogue for me. I recalled the gist of it, but being a perfectionist, felt that I could not rest content until I had the actual text! In the end, ILuvHM was able to send me the screenshots.

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What is the name of the song? I really like it. And nice video, it helped me out a lot.