Friday, June 5, 2009

A Room with a View in Rune Factory Frontier

Every Harvest Moon and Rune Factory game delights with the myriad of tiny details that may or may not have any connection with the plot, with another character or even with your own character. I think the gaming world may be divided between those players who want every action, every moment to have significance in moving the plot forward and those players who are content to explore another reality and will do so as exhaustively as possible.

There are a number of little details in Rune Factory Frontier when you explore the homes or businesses of other characters.

If you move too closely to the apple barrel in the Tavern, you will be threatened with a beating and the dialogue will vary according to the patrons who are in the Tavern at the time.

The books in Eunice's bookcase will change when she decides to lose weight. Moreover, a set of training machines will appear in her room, showing that she does not confine her physical efforts to the naginata.

There is a window in one room that shows all sorts of different views... I expect most players will be aware of its location. The thoughts of your character will vary.

As you can see in one of the screenshots, your character may respond to it by saying merely: 'Yuck... The window's so dirty. Forget the view!'

Who, after all, would expect that the view from the window might change moment by moment? In Harvest Moon or Rune Factory, though, a player should try every option more than once if he/she wishes to experience every variation.

In one of the views, your character will declare: 'Whoa! A shadow... What was that' Perhaps he has experienced one of those elusive ghost sightings so often discussed in every Rune Factory game...

If you only look through the window once, you will miss some interesting little 'views'.

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Nathan O'Riley said...

I love these little details. The last screenshot made me smile, haha.