Monday, June 22, 2009

Magic Crystals in Rune Factory Frontier

I have a theory about the Levels of Magic Crystals in Rune Factory Frontier, but I need confirmation from other players.

It appears that the three Monsters who drop them all drop the SAME Level of item: the Ignis, the Glace and the Soul.

At the start of the game, they dropped Level 1 Magic Crystals. Later, I was a little surprised to find that they ALL had begun to drop Level 3 Magic Crystals.
The description of a Magic Crystal, however, is:

Magic Crystal: A crystal made from magic. Time is needed to make it big.

'Time is needed to make it big.' Perhaps the Level increases according to the amount of time your character has lived in Trampoli, translated to the number of years you have played the game...

I would love to hear from players with higher levels of Magic Crystals and the year in which they were able to obtain these.

Another little puzzle to be solved: the level of the Items received from a Boss Monster in RFF. I, and other players, have received a Level 10 Giant Cockscomb and a Level 4 Giant Cockscomb on various occasions from the Giant Clucky. What determines the level of the 'special' item such as the Giant Cockscomb, the Red Core and so on?


Alisha said...

Dont know if anyone else has said anything about this yet but I recieved a lv.3 magic crystal from the I believe it is the Iginis on the 3rd floor of the lava ruins when you enter from the stairway that leads down to the very bottom I recieved the lv. 3 in my first year in Autum. So hope that helped but let me know! :]

Joanna said...

I've gotten level 3's since year 1, so I dunno about the year thing. I hope not because I am impatient.
I have a theory... to get a pet Fireball (Ignis-whatever). Raise its friend points and release it (save and reset ya) until getting a Magic Crystal. Maybe you can get a higher Level one that way. I am going to try it, but will quit if my patience runs outs. I really want one of those spiffy wands but they are so draining on the RP.

crystalsouls said...

I'm running an experiment now to see if holding on to the crystal will age it into a higher level, but I slept for weeks on end with no improvement, so I'm not holding my breath, but it might be playtime related.
As for the boss drops, you've probably figured this out already but, the first time you beat a boss the drops suck, from the second time on (when they get harder) the drop percentages get better (more chance for lvl 10 unique drops). For the griffin and slime the drops improve a final time after you defeat the storyline boss.