Thursday, June 4, 2009

Eunice's Transformation: A Changing Portrait of a very Sweet Girl

I initially felt guilty when I chose to tell Eunice that my character preferred 'thinner girls', even though I suspected that was what Eunice herself wished to hear. In fact, as her Heart Level increased, her dialogue proved that my instincts had been sound. Her own dream was to be able to join the other girls at the Beach in Summer without embarrassment. Despite the fact that Eunice was pretty from the very start, her transformation after 60 days of slimming made her absolutely ravishing.

To honour Eunice's hard work and determination, I made a little video that shows her changing Profiles and Portraits in Rune Factory Frontier.

One of my favourite 'changes' during the period when Eunice is slimming is her training with the naginata each morning, standing side-by-side with Uzuki. I was rather sad when the broom replaced the naginata again after she succeeded in attaining her own physical ideal.

Of all the Eligible Girls, Eunice is the most straightforward, entirely without artifice or guile. She has a loving and generous nature and always is happy to serve, whether by cleaning the bar for her parents or by repairing your character's clothing. Lara's dedication to a life of service is religious in nature and her rather stern devotion to duty and good health sets her apart from ordinary girls. Eunice, on the other hand, is motivated simply by her own generous spirit and she displays both a very natural earthiness and purity of heart.

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Nathan O'Riley said...

Aww~ She's adorable in the middle stage of her diet~ Shame that form isn't an option.

I feel bad about saying I prefer thin girls, but if it makes her happy, I guess... I want to see her in her middle form and get that memory thing, so I'll have her diet.