Friday, June 12, 2009

Peculiarities of Equipment in Rune Factory Frontier

In reality, I am a girl but in Rune Factory Frontier, my character IS male. Nonetheless, the Head Equipment upon which he must rely in battle to sustain and protect him very often is designed for a woman rather than a man. In fact, the creators of Rune Factory Frontier have exercised a certain bizarre sense of humour where much of the 'armour' or battle equipment is concerned. There is little hope of retaining any personal dignity if you wish to be well-protected. You either can take on the aspects of a Monster or those of a Girl (or Cross-dresser!)

Very early in the game, my character opted for the Pumpkin Head. It was extremely amusing to dash about the countryside, looking like Jack Pumpkinhead, the character from Oz, but it did not lend itself particularly to romance. My character is a handsome lad and I would rather see him decked out in a prince's crown or samurai helmet than wearing a Pumpkin Head, a Headdress or a Tiara.

Head gear includes a Pumpkin Head, Turnip Head, Cat's Ears, Whale Masque or Whale Hat as well as female accoutrements such as a Katusha, a Headdress and a Tiara. Of the three female accessories, the Tiara almost could be perceived as a royal crown visually but the description places you firmly in the realm of the ridiculous:

Tiara:20604G (Lv. 2)
ATK 0, DEF 99, MAG 120, FX Status Defence
An easy way to feel like a princess. It's shiny and looks very pretty.

Not precisely a description to bring out the masculinity in my character!

I happen to like a weapon or accessory that gives Status Defence. At high levels of experience, Status Ailments are not as upsetting as they were in the early stages of the game and with plenty of Formuade in the rucksack, there really is no reason to fear any Status Ailment, but I nonetheless always feel better if I am carrying a weapon or wearing a piece of Equipment that provides Status Defence.

I suspect that most guys who play Rune Factory Frontier opt for the head gear that allows them to become ersatz Monsters. My guy wore the Cat's Ears and Cat's Tail for a time as well as the Whale Masque, but ultimately I decided that the Headdress was the best option until I harvested an Emery Flower for the Tiara.

Remember when you plant any slow-growing 'Flower' or Herb used in Weapons or Accessories to use Greenifier to boost its level. Otherwise, you will be restricted to the creation of a Level 1 Weapon or Accessory or Level 2 at best if your experience levels at Forge/Workbench allow you to forge/craft 'with expertise'.

One aspect of farming that is extremely annoying is that, if you do not create a plan or map for yourself noting the position of each Crop, all seeds obviously look alike and you will be hard-pressed to know where to use your Greenifier and/or Formula C!

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