Friday, June 5, 2009

Help with Trivial Rune Factory Frontier Research

To the die-hard Harvest Moon and Rune Factory fan, the dialogue of characters, even if it is trivial, is an ever-engrossing topic of interest.

Rune Factory Frontier is particularly interesting in this respect. Plot progress and your own efforts in raising Love and Friendship Levels all play a part in triggering new dialogue in all Harvest Moon/Rune Factory games, but it appears that the interactions of other characters may be a factor as well sometimes in Rune Factory Frontier.

Here is the dialogue that interests me at the moment:

Kanno: Recently, it seems that Cinnamon looks a bit happier than before. I was right to bring her here.

Is this based on Cinnamon's Heart Level or the fact that she is teaching magic now to Lara and Melody? Or is it based simply on Kanno's Friendship Level? I would love to know when other players first experienced this bit of dialogue.

It is not this dialogue alone that intrigues me but knowing how it is triggered may help with other dialogue progressions. For example, is Uzuki's progress with Cinnamon with respect to fishing triggered simply by her own Heart Levels or are there other factors involved?

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