Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wi Fi Connections in Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing

I have received requests from a few players for a Friend Code in order to exchange items in Rune Factory 2 and to induce Tom Nook to expand to Nookington's in Animal Crossing Wild World.

Unfortunately, my own schedule really is not conducive to a wi-fi connection at the moment, but I wondered if any players who visit this site would be interested in exchanging their Friend Codes with other players.

You can post a comment here or contact me directly if you are interested.

I do not know if there many risks involved in sharing your Friend Code with a stranger. I personally am hesitant to share ANY information with strangers on the internet but I would hope that players of Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing in general would be fairly decent and honest.

1 comment:

Synth said...

I don't mind using the wi-fi features, but unfortunately I don't play AC:WW anymore and don't have RF2 yet :/