Monday, January 12, 2009

Challenge to Catch and Tame an Aerian!

My Bestiary and Caves Guide for Rune Factory 2 is almost complete now. I lack ONE type of Monster in my Monster Barn. The Monster is the Aerian, a stronger, more powerful, elemental air Monster related to the Ignis and Tundra. It is the very devil to try to tame as it is fast and its attacks take its place almost instantly.

So... who wants to tame an Aerian for me? I am posting this Challenge and Appeal for Aid in order to be able to complete my Bestiary Guide. I do not want some one to copy the information from any source. After all, I could obtain THAT information myself.

What I want is firsthand experience from a player who has succeeded in taming an Aerian. The Aerian is found on the 5th Floor of the Palermo Shrine in the foyer that leads to the four Seasonal Gardens. One can avoid it easily enough and one even can defeat it without too much trouble, using long-distance weapons, but taming it???

Thanks to Robert, who accepted the challenge instantly, I should be able to add the following to the guide:

Aerian: HP 100. Suddenly appears on the wind, then suddenly leaves again. Skill: Cure; Attribute: Wind. Will not help on the farm. War Trophy: Magic Crystal.

Well, I have my own Aerian in my Monster Barn now. I do believe it is the most difficult Monster to tame, although the Ignis and Tundra can be a little vexing as well. The reason why it is difficult is because its actual appearance is extremely brief and, like the Ignis and the Tundra, its attack residue quickly takes its place.

Taming it takes more time than energy really if you are careful. It took me a couple of hours of playing tag with the creature, round and round the Orb Altars and the stairwell...


Anonymous said...

I managed to complete your challenge.

My character is at EXP Lv95 so can take a lot of hits. I expected that from your post. Also I knew from your challenge that I would have to find a way to slow the Aerian down.

I did that by manuvering so that the generator was between my character and the monster. That slowed the monster enough and gave me the critical couple of seconds to get a heart response from the monster before it hit me. Just keep it up until he's tame.

Freyashawk said...

Well done, you! Thanks, but now I need the details from you as follows:
Aerian's HP at the point of capture at 0 hearts, Game description of the Aerian, if he will work on the farm... and, did you ever obtain a War Trophy from him? I expect it would be the Magic Crystal, as with his cousins. Wow, well done! I didn't have the patience to keep on with it yet, after a couple of hours of tussling with the creature, hardly ever actually touching HIM with the Glove.

Anonymous said...

I did not think to get the Statistical data when I first captured the Aerian. After spending overnight in the barn, it's HP is 149 and it's F.Lv is 3. It's skill is "Cure" and it's attribute is "Wind".

I'll leave you to describe it's face, which is now discernible, I don't feel articulate enough.

PS - I'll go catch another one and this time see if there is any difference in the data.

Anonymous said...

OK, there is a difference in the stats. Immediately after being caught, the Aerian has a HP of 100 at F.Lvl 0

One thing I noticed the second time was that when you have gotten a couple of hearts from the Aerian he will start to materialize right next to you making it easier to pet it with the glove. The entire process seemed to go faster this time.

Anonymous said...

OK, a couple of quick last responses.

Since the Aerian's skill is Cure, I don't thik it will help on the farm. It would be far more useful in the dungeons. Nothing in the description makes any reference to helping out at the farm.

"Suddenly appears on the wind, then suddenly leaves again."

And, its war trophy is a Magic Crystal like the others, just as you expected. But you only get the trophy by defeating the monster not capturing it for a pet.

Freyashawk said...

Robert, you never will obtain items directly from a tamed Monster. You only obtain them as War Trophies from a defeated Monster. If you use the Inquisitive Waltz, that is quite different... but that applies to ANY Monster who accompanies you into a location where Inquisitive Waltz can locate items.

If the Monster helped on the farm, you would see an icon on the Monster Barn Board to that effect: watering can signifies watering, turnip signifies harvesting, basket signifies eggs or honey and so on...

What you notice in the Barn is true with respect to ALL tamed Monsters. At first, they will not come to you but as their hearts increase, they will try to get as close to you as possible in the Barn.

Anyway, thanks very much! You have made me determined to catch one myself now. I found it all so tedious but if you could do it twice, so can I...

nminh92nd said...

I think taming all three Ignis (Fire), Tundra (Water) and Aerian (Wind) is not really a hard job. Since their damages are quite small, the only thing to concerned about is how can you time. I find Timing is important to this game.
For example, when you are at the deadline time, such as when you want to take a Request at 5:59PM and you are far away from the bulletin board, how can you take it. It seems imposible, right? But there's a simple trick that can let you move a small distance, without leting the time go. It's simple (you should turn the volume maximum for you to hear the footsteps easilly) you move exactly 3 steps (you can hear 3 footsteps), and the open the menu immediately. You can see that the time not past. If you move 4 steps, the time will past. Beside opening the menu, you can do similar thing like entering houses, talking, saving... etc. However, keep doing this is a kind of pain ^^!
About tamming Aerian (I tamed it before knowing its name then checking on the barn info board), when I see it flashing, I stand still and turn to its direction. When it appear clearly and make the first attack (creating elemental zones or something), I uses Pet Gloves. By the time it's next to me, I already have given it a Heart.
It maybe is hard to imagine how I did it, but you should try.
Hope it help ^^

Freyashawk said...

NMinh, since I first wrote that post, I tamed the Aerian and I had the others in my Barn when I wrote the post... the only problem with those monsters always was timing. Yes, if you pay attention to the Monster, you can 'hit' it with the Pet Glove as it is reaching your character...

To be honest, I issued my 'Challenge' to players in my haste to complete the Bestiary. I was acting in an impatient manner in the game with respect to the Aerian and that always is a mistake. When you are not under pressure, you can do almost anything in any game. Pressure always creates problems.