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All Birthdays in Rune Factory 2 and Special Birthday Gifts

This information is taken from my Rune Factory 2 Calendar Guide. It includes all birthdays both in the 1st and 2nd Generations with the special Birthday Gift Item for each character.

It is usually at 4 hearts that a character will confess his/her birthday in the 1st Generation, and it then will appear on your Calendar on the upper floor of the Farmhouse. If you fail to speak to the individual at that point, simply GIVE the special designated item to the character on the date of his/her birthday in order to have the date added to the Calendar.

At the start of the 2nd Generation, you will find the birthdays of all new characters on the Calendar immediately.

You may notice that Yue sells all the special Birthday Gift Items for every character in the 1st Generation. In theory, each character has a different item. In an early version, both Ray and Douglas shared 'Fried Rice' and NO ONE recognised Grape Juice as a birthday gift but in the current retail version, Ray responds correctly to Grape Juice as his designated Birthday Gift.

The reason why you can buy all items from you probably is because your character will not be able to cook in the 1st Generation. In the 2nd Generation, you should be able to cook and forge in your own Workshop. That is the only method by which to obtain the 2nd Generation items.


1 Spring: New Year’s Day
No festivities per se in this game.

2 Spring: Douglas’ Birthday (Fried Rice)
1st day of gameplay in the 1st Generation.

5 Spring: Barrett’s Birthday (Skipjack Sashimi)

9 Spring: Yue’s Birthday (Cabbage Cakes)

13 Spring: Flower Festival
Ask an Eligible Girl to accompany you to Cherry Blossom Square to gaze at the Cherry Blossoms. (1st and 2nd Generations, but in the 2nd, eligible candidates depend on your own gender)
16 Spring: Julia’s Birthday (Seafood Pizza)

21 Spring: Natalie’s Birthday (Fried Udon)

25 Spring: Eating Contest
This Contest is a mini-game. Press the Button repeatedly as quickly as possible to win this Contest.

27 Spring: Byron’s Birthday (Seafood Doria)

1 Summer: 1st Day of Summer

3 Summer: Leonel’s Birthday (Mixed Juice) (2nd Generation)

7 Summer: Monster Taming Contest
You must have a Pet Glove and a Barn as well as space for one more Monster in your Barn if you wish to participate. Timing is what will win this Contest. (Both 1st and 2nd Generations: in 2nd Generation, win a Monster Outfit as well as prize.)

9 Summer: Mana’s Birthday (Baked Sweet Potato/Grilled Yam)

12 Summer: Cecilia’s Birthday (Aquamarine Brooch)

15 Summer: Cammy’s Birthday (Hot Chocolate)

19 Summer: Dance Festival
Ask an Eligible Girl to dance with you in the De Sainte-Coquille Park Square
(In 2nd Generation, partners depend on gender of character)

23 Summer: Jake’s Birthday (Platinum)

25 Summer: Fishing Contest (1st Generation)
Herman will announce the variety of Fish that you need to catch. The largest fish entered will win.

25 Summer: Big Cook-Off (2nd Generation)
In 1st year of 2nd Generation, entry may be Seafood Pizza.

28 Summer: Alicia’s Birthday (Emerald Ring)

1 Autumn: Adventure Contest
You must find the Item that Herman has placed somewhere on the map.
1st Year of 1st Generation: Amethyst hidden in farthest eastern corner of beach.
1st Year of 2nd Generation: Platinum hidden in area with little steps to the water in Frozen Cave area.

6 Autumn: Max’ Birthday (Snapper Sashimi)

8 Autumn: Ray’s Birthday (Grape Juice) * (note that, in an early version, he responded instead to Fried Rice)

13 Autumn: Harvest Festival
No festivities per se in this game.

15 Autumn: Gordon’s Birthday (Amethyst Ring)

21 Autumn: Egan’s Birthday (Stew)

25 Autumn: Monster Contest
Enter the Tame Monster with the highest Strength to win the Contest. In the 2nd Generation, the Handsome Armour Outfit will appear in your Wardrobe at 6.00 a.m.

27 Autumn: Rosalind’s Birthday (Hot Milk)

29 Autumn: Sera and Serena’s Birthday (Marmalade) (2nd Generation)

2 Winter: Dorothy’s Birthday (Strawberry Jam)

7 Winter: Shooting Star Festival
Invite an Eligible Girl to watch the Shooting Stars with you at the Crossroads at 9.00 p.m. This is a romantic occasion.

10 Winter: Herman’s Birthday (Curry Rice)

15 Winter: Orland’s Birthday (Fried Sunsquid) (2nd Generation)

19 Winter: Mining Contest
Herman will ask for a specific Gem. Although the intention of the Contest is to measure the speed with which you can find it in a Mine by using your Hammer, you can take the Gem from storage and give it to him for a guaranteed first prize result.

21 Winter: Tanya’s Birthday (Ruby Ring)

25 Winter: Roy’s Birthday (French Fries)

27 Winter: Leann’s Birthday (2nd Generation) (Sapphire Ring)
30 Winter: New Year’s Eve
No festivities per se. People speak of the Year’s ending
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nminh92nd said...

Since you copied it from your Calendar guide, there's still one thing missing. Herman's birthday gift. A vegeran players won't find it a problem, but it really is for a newbie

Freyashawk said...

Can't believe that was missing... well, it has been added now both to the General Guide Calendar section and to the Calendar Guide. I still am so busy adding material to the guides that I haven't had time to edit them properly yet. Thanks!