Sunday, January 11, 2009

Marmalade and Marriage in the 2nd Generation

At 6 Hearts, the Twins' Final Request appeared on the Message Board in the 2nd Generation of Rune Factory 2. I knew of this Request, of course. As your character is not old enough to marry, 'romance' in the 2nd Generation leads at the most only to make-believe events at the Altar. If you are a boy, the candidates for a 'pretend marriage' are Leann, the Twins (Sera and Serena) and Cammy. If you are a girl, the candidates for romance are Leonel, Orland, Roy... and Sera and Serena!

There is a reason why Sera and Serena's Event is included in the girl's game as well as the boy's game in the 2nd Generation. It is centred on the fabled Stoller Chalice, a secret item in the original Rune Factory. Furthermore, Sera and Serena are completely confused about the meaning of marriage. Having heard that weddings involve 'Toasts', visions of toasted bread and marmalade dance in their heads.

When I experienced their Request Event as a girl, they first asked me if I liked them and when I declared that I did, sent me off to ask Leann about the Stoller Chalice. Leann told me graciously but rather offhandedly that I could have the legendary item, and I returned to the Twins with the Stoller Chalice in hand.

We then were spirited almost immediately to the Church, where Gordon presided over a mock wedding. It is a charming and rather hilarious event. I have to say that Gordon, although he showed himself to be a very good sport by presiding in the Chapel over the extraordinary 'Event', could not keep a straight face. After asking me if I were willing to take Sera and Serena as my 'wives', he loudly remarked: 'Kids and their games these days… Ha ha ha!'

Even if you are interested romantically in one of the boys, it would be a pity not to be able to experience that magical moment when your character actually HOLDS the Stoller Chalice in her hands. As in the 1st Generation, the game is most fulfilling when one experiences as many events as possible. In order to do this, you must accept and complete ALL Requests.

The best part of this event for me was the addition of the Stoller Chalice into the game.

Leann first describes its power: 'If a husband and wife drink water from it on their first anniversary, they are said to be granted eternal happiness!'

She then describes its history: 'My father bought it from some one quite a while ago. The former owners had fought over it, then made up... But then they had another big fight, and then they made up again... This went on, and on and on... It was an heirloom in their family, apparently, but in the end, it caused so much friction that they decided to sell it. That's how my father came to own it.'

My character then remarks: Me; Wow, that thing kinda sounds like a lightning rod for trouble, but do you think I could borrow it?

Here is the 'Toast and Marmalade' Event with Sera and Serena:


nminh92nd said...

Another interesting thing in RF2. Thanks for naking the guide. By the way, did you notice your mail box is fulled. I really need your help but I couldn't send you a message because your mail box is just simply full

Freyashawk said...

I try to ask people NOT to put me on their 'forward' lists. I answer emails daily... I really do what I can to keep the email available, but it would help if players looked at the guides, if they didn't send me duplicate emails and if they didn't send me 'forwards' that I don't have time to read... But please resend your question.

Nathan O'Riley said...

I like that indirect reference to Neumann and Sabrina. And Gordon having that tiny "erm..." when he carrying out the little wedding.