Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spoilers and Happy Endings: Kyle's Return

Players have asked if Kyle ever returns in Rune Factory 2. Is it better to respond truthfully or to keep one 'surprise' in the game in reserve for players to discover themselves?

One can declare categorically that: 'you never will be able to play your father's character again in the 2nd Generation'.

There are three 'endings' in Rune Factory 2. Harvest Moon games are known for false endings but Rune Factory 2 has more false endings than any other game. It is an astounding game.

The first 'ending' is marked by the end of the 1st Generation.
The second 'ending' occurs when you defeat Fiersome.
The third 'ending' occurs when you obtain the Omni-Gate Spell and use it.

I was thinking about the difference between a player who wants a complete strategy guide and one who wants to be surprised at very turn. While I understand the motivation for some one who wants to avoid 'spoilers', the sort of games for which I write strategy guides tend to be non-linear games or games with more than one possible result. In many cases, if a player takes a different path, this may not lead to the 'happiest ending'. I suppose my primary reason for writing guides is to try to guarantee the happiest ending for players.

Those who do not want to know anything about the 'final ending' in Rune Factory 2 should NOT watch the following video!


Melvil~ said...

I got Kyle back too, and I was so obsessed I wanted to see all of his dialogues, So I found out something.

2nd, 10th, 20th of each season, he starts a new dialogue, and starting on Fall 10-Fall 19, he says "All the fruits of our labor pay off this time of year" all in voice xP I could tell you I remember almost all of his dialogues letter by letter heh~
Nice work on your guides BTW! :P Someone said that he'd only receive one gift on morning, one afternoon and one night... but giving him one, he gives you one in return, the 2nd, he won't do anything, but the third, he gives you something again... I repeated this lots of times and got lots of money XD Since I just gave him like... weeds or something like that lol

Freyashawk said...

Melvil, unfortunately, I have more information to gather BEFORE I allow Kyle to return in my game, so I didn't save the result and it will be a few days probably before I am able to move forward again.

One question: what on earth do you do with all the money at this point??? By the time you use the Omni-Gate, you can forge any weapon, make any cooked item, find ANY item or crop, however rare, so how are you spending the money now???

Incidentally, I think there is one more secret to discover... shan't say more until I prove it one way or another.