Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Next Step in Rune Factory 2 Guides

Now that I have completed the plot sections of the Guides through Omni-Gate, I am going to work on a screen-by-screen description of all Caves, including Fishing, Mining, Monster, War Trophy and Inquisitive Waltz information. I did this for the original Rune Factory in my Bestiary and Caves Guide and intend now to expand my Rune Factory 2 Caves and Bestiary Guide in the same manner.

I know there usually is more than one location where a rare variety of fish can be caught, for example, and now can begin to add this information to the Guides...

At the same time, I will complete my new Items List Guide, which should have all information ultimately about every item in the game.

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Freyashawk said...

25 February: The Screen-by-Screen Walkthrough of all of the Caves/Dungeons including Palermo Shrine AND the four Underground Shrines now is included both in my General Guide and my Bestiary and Caves Guide. You will find the links on the right side of this page.